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Now with Knock Out, why are there so many perks that require basic attacks?

Cancan71Cancan71 Member Posts: 452

The new Knock Out is another perk that requires a basic attack even though it didn't have have it previously. The basic attack requirement fits for some perks, like STBFL, but for other perks it is just an unnecessary condition just weakens a lot of perks like Surge, Third Seal and now Knock Out.

Will you consider removing the basic attack requirement from Knock Out and potentially other perks, like how Infectious Fright used to have the requirement but was buffed by removing it?

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  • pejiipejii Member Posts: 34

    the reason behind the knock out change was the killer nerfs, haven't you seen how they are making it harder to use them and removing/nurfing them one by one? soon nurse will blink only once, billy can use 1 chainsaw every 120 seconds, leather face can use chainsaw only when 200 meters away from a hook, huntress will be able to throw axe only when near a locker.....

    killers are becoming m1 hitters, so why not change the perks aswell?

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 165

    I want to know as well. The basic attack requirement is severely limiting and basically prevents half of all killers from using the perk. Why would I ever run perks like that as huntress if I only ever down people with hatchets? Do they think killers with special attacks are OP somehow when we have spirit and nurse who are M1? Special attack killers could seriously benefit from some of these perks but can't. I don't get the reasoning...

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 208

    To be fair, the majority of killers who routinely only use special attacks are strong enough to not need the help provided by Sloppy, Knock Out, StBfL, Surge, and so on. Billy, Huntress, Oni, and Reworked Bubba are all arguably strong enough to not need them. There are other killers who have special attacks, but most of their special attacks aren't as generally applicable so they end up mixing in M1's anyway so they can also usually use those perks without issues so it is moot. I think the only exception to that second bit is Legion.

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