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What factors are being analyzed to determine a survivor/killer's MMR?

BloodMoneyMercBloodMoneyMerc Member Posts: 404

I'm just curious as to what is determining the MMR of a player. For killers, would this take into account how effectively the player uses the specific killer's power, how many kills they get, how much pressure they are able to apply, etc? For survivors, is it just determined on their ability to escape, do gens, rescue others, extend chase, etc?

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  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 147

    I'm curious about this as well. What the hell constitutes skill in this game? We don't even know what really defines a 'win'. If the survivors screw up early and the killer manages to slug them all in 2 minutes, does that mean I'm good? If I bring an Ebony Mori, and kill everyone in 2 minutes, does that mean I'm good? If I get a lot of hooks, have short chases, use my power skillfully, and hold off gens for a long time, but the last three manage to escape through the hatch with a key, does that mean I'm bad? Just how the hell do you measure skill in this game?? We currently have the emblem system, which seems that correlate to skill but turns out to only measure playtime, so I'm seriously curious with what they've come up with.

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