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Error code 112 - Sync error



  • Ogzhn55Ogzhn55 Member Posts: 55

    Bro since last month i gain 0 bloospoints and even i wanna play the game now because of the SYNC111/112 error i cant play the game i lose 3M bloodpoints or more u are right.. They need to fix this error as soon as possible we dont need new skins or rift we need to play the game first then skin or etc

  • DisorderDisorder Member Posts: 9


    it's me again!

    Error still not fix...

    Goodbye have a nice day :)

  • Christian2Christian2 Member Posts: 3

    In the PTB i dont have this error but idk, in the live version i have the 112 error...

  • Goldmariechen1Goldmariechen1 Member Posts: 7

    Same here. The PTB works without the Sync Error for me.

    But I have this error now since the Update came out. 31th of July I think? BHVR, u will lose so many players if you don’t hurry up to fix that. I’m really mad tho. Gimme a big load of BP, or refund the game for me. With every DLC I bought. This is just trash you are doing. I never was so mad before on a game. First: every few games: Rank Update Error. Okay. Was annoying, but ok. Now I have the Sync Error almost every game (how many bp I lost yet? Lol) and if I don’t have that in 2/10 cases I get the Rank Update Error. What you are doing is just a joke. What are you doing? Being in holidays and laugh about all of us here, cause people still spend money on a game, thar doesn’t even work?

    Only good thing: I like the reworked Graphics tho. That’s it.

  • AlfajorcitoAlfajorcito Member Posts: 10
    edited August 2020

    It's shameful that a company has no care for its clients. Bhvr really needs to invest in a lot of aspects. Basically new devs, and new customer service, people who can listen and take action. It's really sad because the games are original and really fun.


    Problem solved in PTB

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  • viqtorcarvalhoviqtorcarvalho Member Posts: 5
    no moderator to give any news? I can't play for 3 weeks because of this error

  • apranaxapranax Member Posts: 6

    Day 22: Still not fixed

  • SkataceSkatace Member Posts: 11
  • deadbydweetdeadbydweet Member Posts: 11

    anyone playing at ptb and find out if it is fixed there?

  • deadbydweetdeadbydweet Member Posts: 11

    and i just want people to know that i stopped playing. take that bhvr.

  • jereeejereee Member Posts: 1

    I'm from Argentina and I solved this by using a paid VPN, it was the only solution that it worked. I use Avast Secure Line. Hope anyone that read this solve it too

  • AlfajorcitoAlfajorcito Member Posts: 10

    I'm playing in PTB and it works fine. Sometimes disconected but no sync error. BP and Ranking working.

  • MadzisssMadzisss Member Posts: 3

    why , why ?

  • NinjaDeCobaltNinjaDeCobalt Member Posts: 2

    Are you f*ing kidding me.

    This happened after they said they fixed it.

    I am also getting Error 111 while spending bloodpoints, which brings me back to the "press space" menu.

  • IR3KTheTrendIR3KTheTrend Member Posts: 23
    edited September 2020

    This id bs im still getting kicked by error 111 i keep having to redo blood web and not getting point from games because of error 111 I've put 200$ into this game if not more on outfits,rift pass,characters and im getting tired of it and 150k blood points is like you guys are like heres a penny hope it helps its insulting do you guys care about your players at all because it dont seem like it. You guys said you fixed it the next day after your patch it supposedly it starts happening again and been happening almost every night since then and if its not going to be fixed I also would like all my money back for game ext...and if you are going to fix it I don't want no 150k blood point you need to do better then that because I know for a fact that there's people out there that play thus game that has put way more money into this game then I! This needs to be dealt with and at this point I feel like im just throwing money away in a game that you got to hope you'll be able to play today and i probably not the only one that feels this way.

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  • keeprowingkeeprowing Member Posts: 1
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    It's already September and still no fix from the devs... I have a rather flimsy way to fix the sync error playing as a survivor using Nintendo Switch + Mobile Hotspot. I hope this helps the devs get to the root of the trouble IF they are even still trying to fix the SYNC ERROR. This solution has something to do with the "UNKNOWN ERROR" error

    For some odd reason there is a chance that the sync error wouldn't appear after a game if you pick KATE DENSON + using MOBILE DATA HOTSPOT. *use mobile data instead of wifi

    Instead of a SYNC ERROR, an UNKNOWN ERROR would appear after the game, and you get to keep your BLOOD POINTS and EXP unlike sync error.

    After getting a sync error... restart your game... now go to character selection and pick KATE DENSON. Now, while in the lobby with Kate Denson displayed as your choice, click ready to find a match -> If NO unknown error appears while in the lobby finding a match, that is actually a bad sign as that game would have a 50/50 chance of ending with a SYNC ERROR. If an unknown error appears while in the lobby, that is a good sign! You just have to restart the game (without the match starting cuz you get kicked out of the lobby due to the unknown error).

    Now, go to character selection again, and switch the displayed character (the game currently displaying Kate Denson) to MEG THOMAS. AGAIN -> If NO unknown error appears in the lobby, that is actually a bad sign as that game would have a 50/50 chance of ending with a SYNC ERROR. If an unknown error appears while in the lobby, that is a good sign! You just have to restart the game AGAIN. Again, go to character selection, and switch the displayed character (now displaying Meg Thomas) to KATE DENSON. Now there shouldn't be any Unknown error appearing in the lobby. You can now proceed with this match and there is a 90% chance that this game WOULDN'T end up with the dreaded SYNC ERROR, instead you will get an unknown error at the end and still get to keep your bloodpoints and exp.

    After this successful game, RESTART your game, and REPEAT the process as if you just came from a sync error. :)

    WHEW. I only experimented with the process using Kate Denson + Meg Thomas. Maybe you can try it with another pair of survivors. Maybe you can also try the method using WIFI instead of Mobile Hotspot and see if the process still works. I tried the process ONE TIME using WIFI and it didn't work.

    *Edited for clearer explanation of the process* Also, it's hilarious that we have to find our own ways in dealing with this mess.

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  • natjnatj Member Posts: 2

    It’s been months, why is this still not fixed??...

  • jun5hyeongjun5hyeong Member Posts: 1

    error code 112

    Please recover my reward

  • NinjaDeCobaltNinjaDeCobalt Member Posts: 2

    I am still getting this error at the end of matches, thus losing my bloodpoints.

  • deadbydweetdeadbydweet Member Posts: 11


  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,309

    anyone still getting this error, please upload your logs to this thread and tag me. Thank you

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    @MandyTalk Been having it since Demogorgon patch. Here is my logs.

    PC Specs: Windows 64 bit Windows 10 Pro Intel l3-9100F 3.60 GHz 16 GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1650 460 GB Storage Game is located on my hard disc which consists of 1 TB DirectX12 Network Type: Public NAT Type: Moderate

    Steam ID -> STEAM_0:1:66430662

    Steam ID3 -> U:1:132861325

    Steam 32 ID -> 132861325

    Steam 64 ID -> 76561198093127053

    (The picture above is just to show the error code and my Player ID. Old, but still the same.)

    Played ID: 40808da0-0a69-11e7-a358-d70fb0c33422

  • pyramidheadsbfpyramidheadsbf Member Posts: 27

    Hi @MandyTalk

    I just got this error after a game, and I don't know if I got BP or not. Here is the screenshot + log and cloud id. Thanks! :)

    I'm not sure if this is the right log, but I'll submit it anyway.

    Screenshot + CloudID:

    CloudID: U-79c4925f-9914-4f60-8675-a13134fe024f

  • pyramidheadsbfpyramidheadsbf Member Posts: 27

    Log ^ not sure why it didnt upload

  • HuskHusk Member Posts: 39

    Just got it for the first time today. Wonderful.

  • xGeniusxGenius Member Posts: 2
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