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Error code 112 - Sync error



  • henny99hhenny99h Member Posts: 1

    since the new update almost every game.

  • teutateuta Member Posts: 1

    Me and my friends are also getting error 111 alerts. We can't earn bloodpoints and pip. Playing this way makes no sense. I will try to delete and download again.

  • LogoffBRLogoffBR Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2020

    Finaly Behavior "named" that bug, i've that problem since the dedicated server came to be, idk how much support tickets i sent to this error, finaly they put a error number, because everytime i finish the match, appeared to me "Unknown Error", and i lose all the progress of that match. And yes, i've that problem about 7 months ish, and a only form to play this game for me, is completing missions to earn a bloodpoint, its sad,i hope they solve it, bcse i like playing this game :( 

  • Aloof_PandaAloof_Panda Member Posts: 3

    same. been happening for months and tried reporting it but at least it's finally acknowledged

  • LudavinLudavin Member Posts: 1

    It's really annoying with this code... Are they going to fix it at all?

  • nusantaonusantao Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2020

    same problem here... been experiencing a lot of rank update errors and sync error for a long time now.

    It's getting hella annoying :( I love this game but I kind of hate it now because I always lose a lot of my progress

  • InsidiousPotatInsidiousPotat Member Posts: 9

    I had error 111 too, and when I tried to find my EAC it's just missing for some reason. I can still pip just fine, but no BP and I have to reload DBD after each game.

  • CinCai952CinCai952 Member Posts: 1

    Hello, there, actually i'm also experiencing this issue even before the update where everytime i'm playing with my friends i'm always back to Lobby Screen at the start, but after the updates it's getting more often to happen and eventually it LITERALLY Happens EVERY SINGLE MATCH, and it's been very annoying , please fix this error, its really exhausting to play like this and it sucks. Thankyou

    ps: i triend re-install DBD and it fix nothing.

  • predictcspredictcs Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2020

    It actually worked, thank you very much kind sir. These devs are the worst, not giving 0 ######### about their ######### broken game, so sad to see a game with potential being run by lazy devs.

    EDIT: Only worked for 1 match

  • JulDiJulDi Member Posts: 6

    not works for me T-T

  • Mr_ScareBearMr_ScareBear Member Posts: 2

    1 friend on me have only the problem if he change the language from default (English) to German if he stay on English after repeat the steps its fine for him

  • JackHarper141JackHarper141 Member Posts: 42

    Restarted my game. Still getting the error. Still losing thousands of bloodpoints.

  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24

    yep. got a private message responding my ticket saying it was fixed, it shouldn't happen anymore. that i should restart my computer in case the error persists. it persists. i restarted my pc, verified the game files, reinstalled the game. same error 111 still happening.

  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24

    i don't expect them to give me back all the bloodpoints i've been losing for the past 5 or so days but at least fix the error.

  • Diet_BoiDiet_Boi Member Posts: 65

    1 thing that works for me is turning on my vpn fixes this problem. I don't know why but it does, at the cost of ping

  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 59

    the strange thing is: I loose all my bp, but the challenge "silver age" was updated. :/

  • wannacry110wannacry110 Member Posts: 2
  • nusantaonusantao Member Posts: 5

    I also experienced it before having a lot of rank update errors but not on every game. However, after the new update I'm experiencing Sync Error for all of my games. :(

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 10,436

    As far as i'm aware, a potential fix was pushed to the backend last night.

    Give your PC a reboot. If that doesn't work, try verifying files.

  • Asya_KuranAsya_Kuran Member Posts: 25

    The error is still there

  • nusantaonusantao Member Posts: 5

    :( did not work for me

    this worked for me, however. I still experience the sync error sometimes, so it didn't completely fixed the sync error but still thanks for the recommendation!! <3 I can play the game now wondering if ill get the error or not hahaha! (Still better than having sync error all the time 🙄)

    Thank you!!

  • ciliorkun18ciliorkun18 Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2020

    I also had this issue right after I bought the game and would happen every match. Deleting DBD's file in appdata/local did not work. However deleting that file then deleting about a GB worth of files in the game files including Easy Anti Cheat files then verifying has worked for me. (only three matches in but before it would happen almost every match, will keep you all updated on that.)

    I've gotten only one rank error in those three matches. Rank error was already happening before but I don't think we can fix that with a simple verifying integrity of the files.

    Edit: Worked for 7 matches, configured some settings like controls then it started giving me error code 111 again. Deleting and verifying doesn't fix it either. At least could get up to level 25...

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  • yubelyubel Member Posts: 9

    Error still there nothing works

  • DanielSongDanielSong Member Posts: 16

    Still not working for the nintendo switch

  • H3ndrikH3ndrik Member Posts: 14

    still not working for pc either lol

  • Terr0rwristTerr0rwrist Member Posts: 67

    Every single match. We need a fix asap!

  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 59

    Did restart and verifying files... please fix this I'm tired of losing bp when I finally escape a match.

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