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Error code 112 - Sync error



  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 59

    And again... I will lose all matches now, at least I will gain some bp. Better then 0 after escape.

  • HarketHarket Member Posts: 21

    Same problem here, since yesterday.

  • cartox123cartox123 Member Posts: 8
    edited August 2020

    The fix did nothing

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 388

    A solution that works surprisingly it's cleaning the steam cache.

  • citronrosecitronrose Member Posts: 4

    None of the solution worked for me, i've been facing this problem since the update, it's taking too much time to fix it..

  • LombaLomba Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2020

    They are destroying the game by not caring about their own community

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  • predictcspredictcs Member Posts: 10

    They never cared about the community, and there are always new skins, greedy devs.

  • heeeenryheeeenry Member Posts: 1

    Couldn't post on the stickied error thread so I will do it here:

    • Which platform you are on: PC
    • How frequently you get the error: Every game after it finishes, regardless of killer/survivor, win/loss
    • When you started receiving the error: starting yesterday since I picked up playing.

  • HlidskialfHlidskialf Member Posts: 58
  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 59

    I deleted the folder: C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight

    Steam verify files again. No error 111 anymore in 6 games.

  • stubbornDwarfstubbornDwarf Member Posts: 42

    Same problem here every time at the end of a match. Please fix.

  • Iconoclast_ivIconoclast_iv Member Posts: 26

    Still getting this error. I already restarted and verified files. First match after that and i got 111'd again

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 8,491

    Mmkay, looks like they know about it not working.

    Make sure to add your voices to this thread - https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/177762/error-111-sync-error-fix-not-working#latest

  • FenFen Member Posts: 112

    Can confirm. The recent fix changed nothing. I've even contacted their support so i hope it will be fixed any time soon :v

  • rosovskyrosovsky Member Posts: 9

    I have the same problem after EVERY game, except first. I can't get bloodpoints after games. It's very-very annoying. Fix this please :(

  • AbsurdJerdAbsurdJerd Member Posts: 5
    • PC
    • 8:00PM AEST
    • Please see the attached file for my logs.

  • billy968200billy968200 Member Posts: 2

    still not working...

  • Eros_LucianoTTVEros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 43

    Still with the error 111. Fix it.

  • H3ndrikH3ndrik Member Posts: 14

    oh man. Still not fixed....

  • ErmacErmac Member Posts: 46

    still error 111.......................

  • JulDiJulDi Member Posts: 6

    not fixed ...

  • ToomuchsheepToomuchsheep Member Posts: 5

    Have the same issue. No bloodpoints due to this error on every 3rd match on average. Please fix this as right now there is no sense in playing a match for 10 minutes, using offerings and items only to get nothing out of it.

    I can only play with my friends on weekends so great timing as well. Game is dead until it is fixed.

  • RehwagenRehwagen Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, same here, almost every match.

  • LingLing1337LingLing1337 Member Posts: 1

    Error 111 is going to make that game to the biggest trash.

    i get no bp for the last 30 games. its [BAD WORD] up, they need to fixed soon. it makes no fun to play with this error and i will not play this game anymore because of this [BAD WORD].


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