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Error code 112 - Sync error



  • ZireaelZireael Member Posts: 10

    Same here, i keep getting this after every single match. Is it related with the DBD mobile? Might be worth checking.

  • Marsl92Marsl92 Member Posts: 5

    Restart my game. Restart pc. Verify my game data and still get this Error.

  • gdottygdotty Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2020

    When is this getting fixed? I am getting this error after every single match. This game is becoming an absolute joke, errors and bugs galore. Have just bought three new DLC chapters today and can't play because I can't get bloodpoints. FIX YOUR GAME!

  • Ad3LLAd3LL Member Posts: 38

    Fix didnt work. I am getting this error every single match....

  • I deleted and installed the game 2 times. It didn't work. PLS we need patch

  • YuriFateYuriFate Member Posts: 3

    Its impossible to play the game. I've this bug for a week now, i know, the virus is out there and they cant work as pretended, but man... Look how much players are complaining about this, its obviously a issue, we need a fix, not a mediocre battle-pass or some bs skins... Thank you

  • error111wtferror111wtf Member Posts: 6

    I bought the rift but guess what, i can't progress trough it. Incompetent devs, error 111 is a joke

  • ErmacErmac Member Posts: 46
    edited August 2020

    3 games 3 times sync!!!!!!!!

    i want a big refund of bloodpoints i lost over a million with this errors over and over and NO update from devs.

  • borahaeborahae Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2020

    I hope they refund us somehow. I've been losing a LOT of bloodpoints.

  • LeggieLeggie Member Posts: 19

    Fix has not worked for me. Will we get some sort of compensation for the loss of BP? It feels like 2/3 games I don't get any BP or rift challenge progression.

  • ErmacErmac Member Posts: 46

    4 games in a row sync error. time to deinstall this game. Devs cant fix. Bye DBD

    Bad review done.

  • CarridepipocaCarridepipoca Member Posts: 6


  • HayashiraHayashira Member Posts: 3

    Already sent a ticket, waiting for a response...

    Just bought the game, didn't think I'd have to face a Sync Error bug in every match. :/ Been losing lots of Bloodpoints and I'm unable to level up my characters, sadly.

    Reeboting the pc, verifying the game, reinstalling it... Didn't work for me so far.

    Hopefully they'll come up with a fix soon!

  • QocoQoco Member Posts: 10

    Having the same issue and Im a new player too like yourself. This error really takes away huge part of the game and it really does make the game not so enjoyable, at least for me.

  • ZcamtZcamt Member Posts: 8

    I'm getting this now aswell and I've had the game for 1 day so bloodpoints are still super important for me, I lost out on 22k bloodpoints and a rankup because of this error. And that was just the first time.

    I've tried everything above and the error still occurs, I don't like playing the game, ESCAPING, WINNING and not being rewarded ANYTHING for it, this really ruined my whole session. Now I don't even want to try and play, as I might just waste another 30 minutes winning a game that I won't get anything for. Please fix this, and please compensate us in some way, this can't be right.

  • QocoQoco Member Posts: 10

    Yeah I agree with you 100%

    It really does make you feel like you lose something if you don't get rewarded after a good intense game.

    They really should fix this problem before they lose any players just because of this error.

  • ZcamtZcamt Member Posts: 8

    Yeah and that was just it for me, I did REALLY well that game, never got downed and got away from the killer 4 or 5 times, I really felt like I played super well. And then I just get hit in the face with this and loose all the rewards from it. It's also just thinking "Yeah I don't wanna play another game, because it might happen again"... this should be fixed within hours, it's that big of a problem IMO.

  • gdottygdotty Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2020

    It works for one game at a time when I verify my game files on Steam...

    Edit: Ignore, doesn't work *rolls eyes*

    Post edited by gdotty on
  • Asya_KuranAsya_Kuran Member Posts: 25
    edited August 2020

    Oh my god its like already 6 days that this error exists. Developers, when will you fix the game? IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY!

    Post edited by Asya_Kuran on
  • ZcamtZcamt Member Posts: 8

    Has this been an issue for THIS LONG?

    Holy hell, this NEEDS to be fixed. You actually can't expect people to play when the MAIN WAY OF PROGRESSION becomes unavailable!!!!

    This needs fixing NOW

  • DesertMoonGWDesertMoonGW Member Posts: 5

    The error seems extremely inconsistent. It happens after every game for me, but one in ten times I still get the blood points, or it's a different error. Disabling and reenabling steam sync in the update section of the games properties fixes it for one match only. It does not seem to affect Daily Rituals or Archive Challenges for me, but others have reported it is for them. One time I even got the error just after sitting on the killer screen for a little while and backing out, causing me to regain the blood points I had just spent without losing the progress made with them.

  • stubbornDwarfstubbornDwarf Member Posts: 42

    I just escaped and lost all my BP >:(

  • PrandBoogiePrandBoogie Member Posts: 7

    Fix did not work

    still getting error 111 every game :/

  • DeadSkinMaskDeadSkinMask Member Posts: 2

    Wanna read smthng about buying nothing?

    I am ill. Not sure if that is that particular thing that is messing the world nowadays, didnt get the test results yet, but i feel terrible.

    After realising that i can not actually do normal everyday stuff coz of my condition, i decided to just sit tight, take my medicine and play some good old computer games.

    It was some time since i played DBD (if i remember correct, i stopped when they reliesed Anna) and i was really hyped about the amount of content they implemented since then.


    1. Bought 13 DLCs, exactly THE DAY BEFORE they went on sale.
    2. Bought some neat skins for some characters (had to buy those yellow ingame currency thingies).
    3. Spent more then 1 million BPs to try to get new perks.
    4. Had my mind blown away with all those tomes and archives and [BAD WORD].
    5. Started to get that 111 error right after that.

    Now, i am not complaining and not bragging about getting a refund. It just feels like ive been kinda scammed coz of not being able to actually progress all those things that ive wanted to in the first place, that sneaky sale and overall not feeling good.

    Now, to summerize:

    No BPs to lvl up my new goodlooking characters.

    No progression in the archives.

    Everything that holds interest in this game (for me obviously) and litteraly the reason i came back to it just doesnt work (no progress, thanks to damn 111).

    And keep in mind, that i BOUGHT EVERYTHING I COULD FULLPRICE.

    The most unsettling and pathetic thing about all this though is that i registered and wrote that wall of text in my crappy english. My first forum messege in like ~15 years.

    Now try telling me about buying nothing.

  • L4stL4st Member Posts: 2

    Tried every "fix" and nothing works. No BP for 10+ games now, had just bought a dlc and now I can't even unlock level 5 on new characters because of this.

  • Eros_LucianoTTVEros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 43

    Asks us to post here but no feedback...as usual

  • AlfajorcitoAlfajorcito Member Posts: 10

    Purchased this game and one hour later this thing started happening. Nothing fixed it.

  • GemiikunGemiikun Member Posts: 8

    Is this fixed already? I still have this error for the past 8 games. I played hours for nothing. :(

    I lost almost 100k bloodpoints for this error.

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