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We've been made aware of error messages when attempting to purchase the Rift pass. The team is currently investigating, and we'll post an update as soon as we have more information.

UPDATE: This issue should no longer occur. Players who were affected may still be missing currency and/or unable to spend Auric Cells. We are working on a solution to resolve this and restore missing currency, and will update you as soon as possible.

Error code 112 - Sync error



  • 90bubbel90bubbel Member Posts: 76

    this is seriously pathetic of the devs

  • ej12345ej12345 Member Posts: 5


  • TytoAlbaTytoAlba Member Posts: 4

    I found a sort of fix that worked for 8/8 matches that i tested.

    I've had rank update error since day one (been playing since last October). The fix I found as an idea for the rank update error, but it fixed the 111 sync error (seems to have fixed them both).

    You have to enable a DMZ on your router. So basically, you go to your router admin login, enable a DMZ for the IP adress of your gaming rig, and then boom. I didnt have a single problem after that.

    Downsides? It only works for one device on your network. Also, a DMZ isn't a very secure thing to enable. But ya, figured I'd tell you all. I'm not a super tech savvy person, but I've spent WAY too long trying to fix this nonsense, so maybe this will save someone some time.

    Since the devs didnt fix it in the 4.1.1 patch *sniff*

  • singedeirusingedeiru Member Posts: 3

    I am having Sync Error/111 issue for two weeks, I sent tickets but found out there isn't any support service. I earned around two million bloodpoints but thanks to the 111 I didn't get any. I am also streaming, I get Sync error every single match.

  • FenFen Member Posts: 112

    Thank you for everything you do. i really appreciate it.

    BHVR recently responded to my ticket via mail. They're looking into this issue and they'll provide some info on that any time soon.

  • ttvlaastadnttvlaastadn Member Posts: 1

    Port forwarding on router worked for me.

    Set static IP on computer/console.

    Login to your router.

    Find the port forwarding section. Usually under WAN I believe, but could be under something else too.

    Make a new port forward entry. Enter your computer/console static IP.

    Enter the TCP and UDP ports in the correct field.

    You might have to restart router for it to work. Might as well just do it straight away.

    Hope it works out for you.

    Below is the correct port numbers for your platform.

    Dead by Daylight - Steam

    • TCP: 27015-27030,27036-27037
    • UDP: 4380,27000-27031,27036

    Dead by Daylight - Playstation 4

    • TCP: 1935,3478-3480
    • UDP: 3074,3478-3479

    Dead by Daylight - Xbox One

    • TCP: 3074
    • UDP: 88,500,3074,3544,4500

    Dead by Daylight - Switch

    • TCP: 6667,12400,28910,29900,29901,29920
    • UDP: 1-65535

  • janjaaaaaanjanjaaaaaan Member Posts: 3

    how to fix this error? need help.

  • SMONKSMONK Member Posts: 21
    edited August 2020

    Best Forum Mod i have ever seen 👏(Thank you for your service)

  • LunaraiaLunaraia Member Posts: 28
    edited August 2020

    Not only is the synch error still here, but it bloody ate my add-ons even though I burned Black Ward. That was the nail in the coffin, I am not playing this again until this is for sure god damn fixed I am sick of wasting add-ons and offerings to get NOTHING

  • ZcamtZcamt Member Posts: 8

    And now I lost 43k bloodpoints, thank you devs :D

    Maybe you'd have time to fix issues like this, if you weren't caught up fixing the auras after you [BAD WORD] them up :D

  • ciliorkun18ciliorkun18 Member Posts: 6

    I started getting bloodpoints after the 4.1.1 update. Now rank error and/or sync error happens every one in five games instead of the nine in ten games before the update.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 16,739

    I'm sorry that people are still having this error - all I can say is that we are looking into it and will hopefully be able to resolve the issue soon.

  • 90bubbel90bubbel Member Posts: 76

    man how many times is this now? its been 2 weeks for gods sake, not a word from the devs or nothing, just promoting their damn skins on twitter, what a shitfest

  • SMONKSMONK Member Posts: 21

    it would be great if they make a official statement on twitter

  • ZennZenn Member Posts: 49
    edited August 2020

    Reset your modem? Are you ######### kidding me? It's your ######### game and your ######### servers. I'm literally a software engineer by profession and I would never let something like this continue for as long as it has. They don't give a ######### at all. They lack the ability to troubleshoot and figure out this bug. If you can't fix it, design a work around so players at least get their blood points if they are given this error. Stop being so goddamn ignorant and do SOMETHING about it.

    This is just insane to me. What planet do these devs live on? Who created and manufactured the IGNORANCE pills that they seem to be taking, because please... SHARE them. I would love to live a life where I could be so ignorant of the things around me, perhaps having the entire planet on fire and not even give a ######### because I have taken Dead by Daylight Dev's IGNORANCE pills. My god what a life that would be.

    I literally have zero problems with any other game. Your game is the ONLY game I have problems with. It is not my modem. It is not my router. It is your code, client, server, or otherwise. Get it together and figure it out.

  • ToomuchsheepToomuchsheep Member Posts: 5

    Update: Still getting the error and none of the workarounds worked for me. I will not try to use a VPN as i don't want to endanger my account.

    The devs don't understand where this comes from, but keep pushing the new greek updates as i understand it? Is there any official statement from them towards the players?

  • RamatrixRamatrix Member Posts: 2

    ggwp... continua assim que tá pouco. (PLEASEEEEEEEE FIXXXXX)

  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24

    they posted a tweet on july 29 saying they were looking into a error causing "missing bloodpoints". the mods here now and then tell us the devs are looking into it so what i understand from this is the developers messed something up and got no idea how to fix it and they're not professional enough to give a formal statement about it, although ignoring this is happening to a lot of people is the right course of action. that's straight up bad administration / management and ngl it threw me off badly enough that i don't want to play dbd again.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,246

    It's more that, from what I understand based on things you guys have been telling me, it's a bugger to track down because it's internet related.

    So ISP, DNS, Router, etc...

    And since every single player will have different internet quality, that makes it an absolute pain to fix.

    I'd love to know what changed on the server end though to make this start happening, just because i'm nosey.

    Also, still had no progress update yet.

  • deadbydweetdeadbydweet Member Posts: 11

    I appreciate your transparency. It's the best thing that you can give the community. I am very disappointed at the team. Especially at the community managers. I see their quoted remarks from the anniversary about how much they love their community and thought that "wow, they really do their job well." I understood every flaw of this game, the hitboxes, the update errors, the bugs. They're not really game breaking and they are immediately remedied after a day or two so I didn't bother to go in on these forums and rant. I may not be a veteran but I really did love every aspect of this game even if it's flawed. But this bug man, it drives me crazy. I've accepted one out of 10 games of rank error updates in the previous updates fine but this one is game breaking. I just bought the myers dlc and now I want to get a refund because how would I level up these perks if I always get the damn error. I always check my twitter whether an update of the sync error or even an acknowledgement is given but ######### hell, it's like they're purposely ignoring it and shoving up that cosmetics just adds fuel to the fire. I'm not going to change my network or VPN's and crap. The game worked fine before and now after the new update, it ######### broke. Please do tell at the devs if you can't fix it, at least make the code register bloodpoints. Here's an example: try{} catch(SyncError E){

    // bloodpointsgive=true;


    fucking hell. "I think we did a pretty good job so far." @KhaineGB you should run for community manager because the ones who are do not ######### care.

  • roh1411roh1411 Member Posts: 3

    Try download a temporary VPN while the devs work on resolving the issue.

    I had the issue for 6-7 days but haven't had it since I started playing with a VPN.

    A free one you can use is Windscribe, you get 2 GB free (10 GB if you confirm your emil) Which hopefully last until they've resolved the issue.

    Link to VPN: https://windscribe.com/

    Youtube guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F90s2zJLFqA&t=56s

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,246

    There was actually a CM job posted, but they wanted a ton of experience and it looked like it was based in Montreal.

    As much as I wanted to go for it, I can't afford to move to Canada. :D

  • 1LoL11LoL1 Member Posts: 2

    thank you! port forwarding helped. 5 game without errors.

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