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Aura Rework and Bugs

Please revert it.

I don't think there is one person who genuinely thinks these changes are top of the line and needed to happen. It looks a bit suspicious too that these changes were made without the use of a PTB to study how the community felt about it, because it is currently going poorly, along with the rest of the content that has been thrown into this patch from the reworked items not working as intended to the massive amounts of bugs that were introduced. How was that even possible?? This entire patch was a rushed mess that needs to be reverted or solved ASAP.

-Pallet stunning a Leatherface in tantrum causes his next lunge to give him a literal burst of speed that puts Nurse to shame.

-Leatherface's M1 can sometimes perform a successful hit that the game won't register and the Survivor will still be healthy.

-Originally, when Deathslinger shoots a Survivor, they are paused for a brief second. This feature is nowhere to be seen now, as Survivors can now move instantly when impaled by the spear.

-Huntress hatchets will register as a successful hit but not cause the Survivors to be injured.

-Michael, Trapper, and Deathslinger's postgame walk animations are not what they used to be.

-Some of Billy's addons are not working like they should be, such as Iridescent Brick still taking 5 seconds instead of 2. (At the time of writing this, I heard a hotfix was coming for Billy. Whether or not this fixes everything is unknown at the moment, will have to see when it comes out.)

-Apparently, Knock Out will cause the Killer's screen to go black from what some people have said. Whether or not this is true is unknown, but if it is then just...Wow.

-Archive entries are disappearing for some players.

-Tons more that people are probably reporting that I can go on about..


  • survivorrocketsurvivorrocket Member Posts: 5

    Trapper is literally screwed over with this aura rework because of the traps. It's really just hard to see stuff in general and colorblind people will struggle.

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 139

    I feel like the aura changes would be fine if they only affected gens and hooks.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 442

    I have had so much trouble finding traps. I also have problems playing survivor seeing hooked survivors. Not sure what drove the aura rework but yes, I don’t like it.

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