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Is there a chance for involving content creators like Otz or Monto for balancing questions?

Starduck80Starduck80 Member Posts: 11


"Is there a chance for involving content creators like Otz or Monto for balancing questions?"

So, what I really wish for (and I know 90% of the community too), are some streams (or internal discussion) with YouTubers/Streamers about balancing Item, Perks, Killer Powers, Add-ons, Maps and other things.

I feel like you try to communicate more with the community, when looking at the past, and that's GREAT! But sometimes it's still like you so your own thing and don't hear the voices of the community. Yeah it's hard to separate what the most of us want, but sometimes it's very clear and still seems not to be focused on.

BHVR has shown that they can make good decisions and balancing, but sometimes it's a bit over the top and some small things can be designed the wrong way. That's normal, that happens to every developer, you're a team with multiple opinions and we're a community with thousands of opinions.

The past of other games, studios and developers has shown, some of the greatest games and some that started awful and changed to good, become that great, because they have a good ear for the community and can separate between what just some people want and what mostly the whole community want.

My favourite would be, if you make once a month a stream for 1-2 hours with your balance team and some popular streamers. I clearly prefer some streams with NotOtzdava, not only because he is popular, but he also has a lot of hours in the game, a clear mind and is open for discussions. He clearly want the game to be great for all and not just for himself, so would be great if you would invite him more often, if you think about to start this.

Thank you for hearing/reading

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  • Starduck80Starduck80 Member Posts: 11

    I've never said I want random people make decisions. First I've never said I want them to make decisions, I want them to share their opinions to the devs and discuss about problems, solutions and improvements. And I just mentioned two streamers that are far from "random people", these two are my favourite, because they know what they doing and aren't just for their side.

    And yes they say their opinions sometimes in streams or videos, but that's no communication between them and the developers. I want real conversations and discussions.

  • C_dubC_dub Member Posts: 2

    Honestly I would rather want the people who play the game daily over the dev's who clearly don't know what is good for this game mainly the Aura changes no one asked for, Billy rework when he was perfectly balanced, DS the get out of jail free card, and literally everything about the spirit.

  • IamDwightIamDwight Member Posts: 173

    I'm not sure how I feel about content creators specifically having any say in the direction of the game.

    For sure, I'd like to see game direction be in the hands of veteran players and veteran developers (5+ years MIN experience, no less).

    But I honestly fear that a lot of content creators opinions may be biased (not naming anyone).

    Balance should be left in the hands of those who play both sides evenly, with balance ideas that's fair for both sides.

    So with that said, if any content creators were to be in charge of balance updates, I would sincerely hope their choices are chosen with EXTREME care in their decision, as again, some have very very biased opinions. I would also prefer people with at least some experience in video game development.

  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 808

    I believe fog whisperers do have their feedback listened to more so than others, since many seem to have direct contact with the devs. However to be fair, we have direct contact here on the forums and their official Discord. I just haven't heard of them going to them for anything specific, and that's probably best. Streamers are just folks with their own opinions, and they don't represent the vast majority. When they do need someone with thousands of hours experience, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go to them though.

    People make jokes about it but surveys are a good way to gather the majority of player's feedback. Even forums in other games have lead devs to make bad decisions because we're not the true majority.

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