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Hello my name is Deathmated on Ps4 and I am the founder and creator of Deep Dark Tournaments. I have written many tournaments for DBD. Some of them include 2v2's with variations, Solo 1v1v1v1's with variations, Best 4 mans, Timed Killer Tournaments, Timed Chase Tournaments, Best Killer Tournament, and I make up more as I go along. THERE ARE NO FEES TO ENTER ANY OF MY TOURNAMENTS, I AM NOT SPONSORED AND DO THIS OUT MY OWN POCKET. We are not a scam and have 200 on discord with a 500 member following on PS4 Community. I have been building this since Feb 2020. We host each month a Best Killer Tournament that pays the winner $50 normally up to $100. On Aug 29th at 5pm Eastern Standard Time I am holding a Best Killer Tournament that pays $500 to the winner. To enter and learn the rules and details all you must do is join our discord. If you do not like what you see there simply leave and no hard feelings. https://discord.gg/wvRzcYF You will have to read the rules and click on the thumbs up to have access to the channels. All of our tournaments are done live on Twitch at this link. https://www.twitch.tv/deathmatethedeepdark

UPDATE: We have started our of Teams that compete under rules that have a scoring system. Per hook, per gen, escape, and so on. Balanced killer lists, and bans you may impose as well as maps. 5 people to a team with 5 "Redshirt" players with 5 active at one time. So far we have three teams and need more to start our competition. We eagerly await all new and exp people to form a team and play with us. Teams who win get big money.

My email for personal messages is [email protected]

All tournaments pay out if you win, If you are chosen to be the killer for any tournament you also get paid for your time. Prizes for winning a tournament go 10, 20, 50, 100. Unless otherwise stated like our $500 Killer Tournament.

Other features include Best Killer slots to fight over, Best Survivor Slots to fight for, and a Challenge board that pays cash as soon as you complete it.

Our tournaments held weekly are Thursdays 5pm est, Fridays 5pm est, Saturdays 5pm est and Sunday 8pm est. We take any and all ranks and ages. No matter what your playing style you will find a place here. Some times of course are subject to change.

(IMPORTANT) The Original $500 Killer Tournament was supposed to be on July 25th. However due to the lack of killers making the tryouts we only had 5 that signed up to play. I postponed it until Aug 29th in hopes I can find more killers to enter.

Good luck to all of you!



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