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144+ Hz Monitors Support

LeGaSiLeGaSi Member Posts: 4

Hello! Do you plan to add normal support of 144+ Hz monitors? Now maximum framerate with Dead By Daylight fps cap is 120. If I remove this cap fps will be 200+ and I will teleport while moving. If I cap fps on 144 with 3rd party program (Nvidia Driver, Nvidia Inspector) fps will be 150-155 and I will continue teleport. Please add ingame fps 144 cap which will give a stable gameplay without lags and teleports.

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  • SuivSuiv Member Posts: 23

    I believe there may be a issue with doing that. I may be wrong but say you are going against a killer and you are on 144 fps and the killer is on 60 fps it gives you a advantage over the killer. I know fps in other games gives advantage dont know if it is exactly the same in dbd, but I do know it could be a possible issue.

  • LeGaSiLeGaSi Member Posts: 4

    All normal current multiplayer games has support of 144, 240 Hz monitors. Yes, this give micro advantage. It makes the game more comfortable and quickens the reaction. But it is not problem in CS GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, developers not lock framerate and allow players comfortably play at any framerate.

    Much more advantage is given by custom Dead By Daylight resolutions such as 4:3 (1920x1440), 1:1 (1920x1920) on survivors, which allow to see killer better in structures, stones and run away without mistakes. When you play nurse in 1:1 you can see everything that happens even in fatigue, almost without lowering his head. Maybe this cannot be fixed, it also used in other multiplayer games.

    Dead by Daylight worked normal with 144+ Hz in 2019 until dedicated servers were added. 120 fps cap was appeared. If you full unlock fps you get teleports, desyncs because server working on 30 tickrate. Developers, fix this please if possible.

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