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Fix Camping and Tunneling /Fix killer Bullying

XOtakuDevilXOtakuDevil Member Posts: 1

Easy fixes to Tunneling and Camping


- if the killer HITS and in turn DOWNS the SAME survivor that just got unhooked within _ seconds they got no BP for the Hit and the survivor actually gets rewarded with the points instead (to help survivors that are getting tunneled not lose their hard earned rank)

- If the killer HOOKS the SAME survivor that just got. Unhooked within _ seconds of just being unhooked the killer receives no points for hooking them and loses points received from previous hooking of that survivor (To help encourage killers to not tunnel people to death)

- if the killer then HOOKS the SAME survivor a 3rd and final time in a row without having hooked/hit/chasedanother survivor or even another survivor first they lose ALL points they gained from chasing that survivor/hitting/hooking that survivor and the survivor in given safety pip for having been tunneled to death

(This all is not applied if that survivor is the last one alive)


- If a killer remains within terror radius distance of a hooked survivor for more then 1minutes straight ((while not in a chase(this doesn't count when they leave and come back and to patrol)) then they lose all points they were rewarded for that chase/hit/hook immediately


- if I killer is blinded more then 2 times within _ seconds they receive a small and temporary buff that makes them resistant to light by 60%

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  • IamDwightIamDwight Member Posts: 173

    Don't know why this has downvotes. I think they're pretty solid ideas. I'm guessing they're downvoted by killers who like to tunnel/camp.

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