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Iridescent Brick

StargamerXDStargamerXD Member Posts: 19

The Billy addon Iridescent Brick says in the tooltip that you only need to chainsaw 2 seconds to gain undetectable, but in reality you still need to chainsaw 5 seconds. Is it just a tooltip mistake or actual balance change from the PTB and just not yet implemented yet?

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  • BeerTrapsBeerTraps Member Posts: 6

    As of right now all Billy add-ons work exactly like on PTB. Despite of that I know that 4 add-ons that have different descriptions, namely Iri Brick, Lopro Chains, Mother Helpers and Heavy Clutch.

    I see 3 possibilities:

    1. The effects are bugged and they should be like the decriptions say.
    2. The decriptions are completely wrong and from an earlier version.
    3. The changes are coming bufss where the descriptions were implemented too early.

    The first one is unlikely because in the official patch notes the descriptions are like on PTB and describe the actual effect of the add-ons right now. The second one is unlikely because all 4 changes are buffs and the add-ons are garbage right now. Who in their right mind would think PTB mothers helpers are better designed add-ons than the current description mothers helpers? Also the community largely agrees that current add-ons for billy suck and need some buffs.

    I think the probability is 90% that these will be coming buffs.

  • StargamerXDStargamerXD Member Posts: 19

    Okay thanks for your reply.

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