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This surge in shirtless skins is so unfair

KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,995

(disclaimer - non serious post)

Everyone can have shirtless skin these days except daddy Myers. You would be suprised how many killers (or survivors) don't actually wear any shirt upon closer inspection of their skins.

We have so many shirtless killers now, just look :

Shirtless clown, shirtless Pyramid head, shirtless Oni (basically 90% of his skins are shirtless so he's a god of shirltess killers, now I want Oni skin with a shirt, ONI SKIN WITH A SHIRTS WHEN DEVS !!!), shirtless demogorgon (can we go to another level and get skinless demogorgon ?), shirtless Legion, shirtless Spirit, shirtless Hag, shirtless Hillbilly, shirtless Wraith, shirtless Trapper even shirtless survivors like David.

You're so mean devs, just ignoring our lust for shirtless Myers when you're already sated it with pretty much half of all killers. I can see that in a year all killer except myers will have a shirtless skin, in fact with how much devs like to to poke fun of myers's lack of shirtlessness they'll even give all survivors shirtless skins by that time.

Don't even get me started on that they've already given us pantsless Myers, that was just to sate their foot fetish that devs developed while designing wraith back in the day. We all know you have a thing for feet Behaviour, don't even try to deny it. All the bugs specifically designed to randomly expose killers legs are enough of a proof to that.

I expect large influx of "ohh shirtless myers is a meme, let it go, it doesn't fit his character etc" which are exactly the kind of people who's desire of a shirtless skin was already sated by some of the previously mentioned shirtless skins. You're all dismissed for your selfish wants to keep shirtless skins all to yourselfs.

Hey devs, it's about time to let go your bias of not giving a shirtless skin to one single killer who deserves it the most. SHIRTLESS MYERS WHEN ?


  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,716

    It's all so...*notices it's not a serious post*

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