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PC reboots when trying to launch the game.

28dezembro28dezembro Member Posts: 1
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I bought this game yesterday to play with a friend, and firstly my pc rebooted in the middle of the cutscene, now it reboots whenever I try do click any button after the cutscene.

What I have tried:

  • Updated all of my drivers, reinstalled again and again nvidia drivers.
  • Successfully switched to windowed mode in the GameUserSettings.ini, but still the same error (I also did changed some settings to 1, for better performance and lower graphics, but still if someone has a tip on this doc I would appreciate).
  • Reinstalled completely the game and AntiCheat
  • Reinstalled some Microsoft C++ 2010;2012;2013;2019
Theres 1 error at the Event Viewer system tab (didnt notice anything strange on the application tab) that I hope some of you could help me with, had no luck seeking.

I really hope there's a solution to all of this cause I really wanna play this game w ma frens :(

Edit: Also, this only occurs with this game. I play many others, such as league, valorant, cs, the witcher, overwatch and its all okay.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,046

    You've got a PSU issue.

    It's rebooting beause your system is requesting more power than the PSU feels it can safely supply, so it shuts down so it doesn't blow anything up.

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