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Please, No More Challenges Like This

Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

Any challenge that dependent on the actions of others. I'm trying to get the "let 3 survivors escape before you" challenge finished and there seems to be no end to how your team mates can screw it up for you.

I just had a match on McMillan's. Two survivors and I are left at the end. Both the others get downed. I manage to get one of the gates opened while the Oni is hooking a survivor. That survivor dies. The other survivor, a Cheryl, actually crawled away from the gate while downed and got hooked as far away as possible. I manage to sneak over to the shack where she's hooked (no basement there). I point for her to run to the gate before I unhook her. I ran in front of her and took a hit from the Oni. I didn't see where she went so I made sure to keep him chasing me around a loop to give her time. He eventually downs me. Instead of leaving me slugged he picks me up and hooks me. What do I see when I get hooked? Cheryl, still at the shack, self caring. I think "Ok, no big deal. She'll heal up and come get me since the Oni keeps going to check the gate halfway across the map." But oh no. After getting healed up I notice here walking back and forth in one spot and teabagging every now and then. It hit me at that moment that she never intended to go to the gate. She wasn't going to try to return the favor. She found hatch and wanted me to give up so she could get it.... So I decided to keep struggling and get the rest of my points because that's all that's left for me. As a consolation, I guess you could call it, the egc timer ran out before the entity finished devouring my soul and it claimed the Cheryl as well before the hatch opened. The ensuing endgame messages I received were full of all the salt you'd expect.

So please BHVR, no more challenges like this one.


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