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Want my money back cause of Error 111

ErmacErmac Member Posts: 41

I cant make progress every 2nd game Error 111 or Rank Update Error. Cant make progress cant earn bloodpoints.

I bought the Battlepasss for nothing....


  • LyaLyaTopolyaLyaLyaTopolya Member Posts: 8

    That was a good try dude)

  • DeadSkinMaskDeadSkinMask Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2

    Wanna read smthng about buying nothing?

    I am ill. Not sure if that is that particular thing that is messing the world nowadays, didnt get the test results yet, but i feel terrible.

    After realising that i can not actually do normal everyday stuff coz of my condition, i decided to just sit tight, take my medicine and play some good old computer games.

    It was some time since i played DBD (if i remember correct, i stopped when they reliesed Anna) and i was really hyped about the amount of content they implemented since then.


    1. Bought 13 DLCs, exactly THE DAY BEFORE they went on sale.
    2. Bought some neat skins for some characters (had to buy those yellow ingame currency thingies).
    3. Spent more then 1 million BPs to try to get new perks.
    4. Had my mind blown away with all those tomes and archives and [BAD WORD].
    5. Started to get that 111 error right after that.

    Now, i am not complaining and not bragging about getting a refund. It just feels like ive been kinda scammed coz of not being able to actually progress all those things that ive wanted to in the first place, that sneaky sale and overall not feeling good.

    Now, to summerize:

    No BPs to lvl up my new goodlooking characters.

    No progression in the archives.

    Everything that holds interest in this game (for me obviously) and litteraly the reason i came back to it just doesnt work (no progress, thanks to damn 111).

    And keep in mind, that i BOUGHT EVERYTHING I COULD FULLPRICE.

    The most unsettling and pathetic thing about all this though is that i registered and wrote that wall of text in my crappy english. My first forum messege in like ~15 years.

    Now try telling me about buying nothing.

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  • ZcamtZcamt Member Posts: 8

    It's so sad to see this being such a big issue and I can't seem to find any actual responds to this from the devs?

    I hear it's been going on for a week?! What even is this, I loved this game, but wtf, if you let a bug like this actually destroy THE ONLY WAY OR PROGRESSION. FOR. A. WEEK. You're doing something wrong.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,997

    I think your english is pretty good tbh.

    As far as I remember, it started around... thursday I think? (this lockdown thing is making all the days blend together). After the attempted fix, I still don't have any more info on what's going on/when it will be fixed.

    But i'll do my best to update folks when I do know.

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