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Getting DCd and penalized everytime killer DCs or a team mate

Please put back the OLD host system which was killer based NOT server based! Ever since the latest patch everytime a killer OR survivor throws a fit and DCs it penalizes the WHOLE team!

This morning alone it happened twice in a row to me now I have a 14 min cooldown.

Yesterday it happened once.

It's not me or my internet, my husband plays the game right beside me and he is always a killer and everytime I get dcd it never dcs his games he is playing and it ALWAYS says the killer is the one who dcs besides one time which was a survivor on our team.

PLEASE remove penalty's since this company can't even fix their game right, or put back the OLD system so the one who gets punished is the person who dcd the match, not everyone else in it as well!


  • WillowHadesWillowHades Member Posts: 6
  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,997

    If you are getting a DC penalty, then it's YOU that are disconnecting, not the killer.

    If your husbands PC is running the game fine, it might be worth comparing network settings between the two of you, especially if you have similar hardware specs. Might help to find the issue. ATM we're recommending that folks try using Google DNS over your ISP one as that seems to help.

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