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We are terribly sorry to those who have been affected by these attacks- we understand the impact this has on you. We are taking every appropriate measure to ensure the safety of our players.

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Just a little ironic

There's always a post about the "Survivors rule book for killers" where killers are like "I don't have to play the way you want me to play. I do what I want"

But then some of the same people actually have their own "Killers rule book for survivors" and say things like "It's not fair that the person with BT runs toward me to take a hit. That's abusing game mechanics". or "Omg, the person with DS didn't run to a corner and heal, they decided to do the objective instead. That's cheating"

For people that don't like being policed on how to play, some of these same people sure do love trying to police the other side. If someone pulls me with BT and we're trying to all get out the exit gate, there's absolutely no rule that says I can't take a hit. That's literally what BT is designed for. Taking an extra hit off hook, if needed.

If I have DS (I don't run it on my main, but my side characters sometimes have it), there's absolutely no rule saying I have to go heal and not work on objectives. DS is simply designed to keep me from being re-hooked with 60 seconds (at tier 3). I can still be slugged, Morid, cages, whatever else, but it keeps me off a hook for 60 seconds. What I choose to do with that 60 seconds is totally up to me.

Yes you can tunnel. Yes you can camp. Yes you can slug. They're all boring but you can do them. No one says you can't.

But in that same light, survivors can body block for their teammates. They can work on objectives while DS is active. They can run Unbreakable and DS together because as most killers would agree, tunneling and slugging is the most effective strategy to get a 4k.

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