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Ps4 issues?

Is anyone getting their game force closed out, like a lot today? Just curious if it’s the game acting weird or if I should be worried about my PlayStation lol


  • CEO_Of_JaneCEO_Of_Jane Member Posts: 72

    Also since the matching update me n miss sally (we friends lol) have been gettin brown rank killas 😩

  • GorgonDorgonGorgonDorgon Member Posts: 94

    Well that makes me feel better unfortunately lol hopefully it gets fixed soon then I guess!

  • WheresTheGateWheresTheGate Member Posts: 568
    edited August 2020

    I've not had any force close on me, but I am experiencing terrible lag today on PS4. I was just in a match a few minutes ago where I was working on a generator one moment, and the next I am 5 steps away from the generator. I had even completed a skill check on the generator. When I got to it the second time it was like it had never been started. I've had to quit playing for now. Add this horrible lag to the fact auras are nearly impossible for me to see and it's just ridiculous for me at the moment.

  • GorgonDorgonGorgonDorgon Member Posts: 94

    Yeah overall the game seems weird today. When it doesn’t close me out and I’m in a lobby I can’t invite anyone and then I get stuck on the survivor menu and can’t exit out. Not really sure what’s going on but I had to get off too it’s unplayable lol

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