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The Key to Inner Gaming Peace

TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

The key to inner gaming peace is simple. Just one step, one button and bam! instant inner peace for your quality of post match gaming life:

Just one box ticked and all your troubles are over.

Your welcome XD


  • Archive512Archive512 Member Posts: 106

    from a killer perspective, but then how will you see the salt you caused to survivors? (dont go actively looking to make people salty, but when you do hoo boy is it satisfying)

    on a serious note, this is a good way to stay calm (even though we shouldnt close our eyes to the toxicity in dbd and do something about it despite the devs acting like it doesnt happen unless its an actual threat plus the fact of one killer report vs 4 survivor reports being jank in terms of amount) or what i do:

    winning = fun? no, bad. will make you bald from stress.

    winning =/= fun? yes, good. dont relate winning to having fun in this game and your experience is 100X better. getting better is cool, but dont expect fun from only winning.

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