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Very important question about new MMR system, any devs please answer if you can

KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,466

Is there something like overall killer MMR impacting all killers partially or do all killers have seperate MMR that isn't tied to anything in any way ?

A lot of skillful killer gameplay is very simmiliar on each killer with just slight changes. Knowing how to patrol, slug, chase etc properly are all skills that are same on all killers, main thing that changes is the power which ofc is huge but it doesn't justify to have completely seperate MMR for each killer.

If it already isn't there, then overall killer MMR should be a thing to avoid situations of putting good killer vs bad/new players just because they use different power but fundementals of killer gameplay stay the same. It's a very bad move to think that someone who is a good billy for example would be horrible leatherface. Just a few killer require completely different approach so overall killer MMR is needed to avoid unfair matches.

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