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I think we should get an MMR rating that we can view and keep track of. What do you guys think?

So, there's an MMR rating system now. But noone is aware of what their actual MMR is and where they are lacking.

I for one have noticed playing with much less experienced players since the change, i'm currently rank 4 and i've been getting queued with rank 15s and 20s that are far worse than anyone i've played with in the last few months. I'm constantly the last one alive after saving my teammates from the hook about 3-4 times myself whilst the others are hiding in lockers or crouched in the corner of the map.

So, why not add an MMR rating number that changes at the end of each match on the post screen? you know, right after or before you see if you pipped/safety pipped? This would personally give me a reason to play more. Me and many others like chasing higher numbers and improving. This wouldn't exactly fix the queues with low MMR players, but would give information on where we are at.



  • YehBoiGokuYehBoiGoku Member Posts: 229

    I'm pretty sure since this is a new thing the devs are working with that they don't want it to be extreme just yet. They will probably wait until they almost perfected it that is if they ever do.

  • TerrorUnleashedTerrorUnleashed Member Posts: 156

    Pretty sure changes will be made, especially since this is a new system, But I see your concern.

  • TheshadowcrowTheshadowcrow Member Posts: 5

    Dddrrr I'm pretty sure derpy derpy the dev's ddrrrr have a reason derp for not showing dddrrr MMR....

    Yep its because its totally crap, the whole system is junk, that's why you can't see the imaginary stupid number.

  • GoldenShadow384GoldenShadow384 Member Posts: 5

    I think its a great idea for players to see the MMR "rank". It would give players who like to be top teir a reason to really grind and practice, and would let me know where i personally stand as a survivor and as killer. As a rank 12/13 getting paired with rank ones makes it impossible for me to even pip at all, never mind a safety pip. I would like to know what skill level the game perceives me to be so i know how i need to adapt or switch my perks and tactics.

  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    In every competitive multiplayer game out there with a working ELO/MMR system, a player is able to know where they are in the system and if they're moving up or down after games. Dead by Daylight shouldn't be an exception.

    How else are we supposed to know that there even is a system in place? For all we know, they could just be matching the first available players together for quicker queues and call that a MMR system. We wouldn't know.

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