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Banhammer In Action?

TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

So stoked. I just had a match where about 1 minute in the entire game crashes out saying "Easy Anti Cheat Security Violation"

I then go back in to the game and I see that my account doesn't have a DC ban timer on it which I am forever grateful for then it occurred to me. I probably just witnessed either one of my fellow Survivors or Killers permanent account ban for violating behaviours fair gaming policy. (which gave me immense satisfaction so I'm going with that)

Though it was Spirit so my money's on the killer lol. Anyone who needs that much cheese to win is bound to be nore inclined to cheat

After 4 years of dbd finally some solid evidence that stuff is actually done about cheating. Again, so stoked for this lol. Really made my day


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