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I installed the game 4 days ago, ######### MATCHMAKING???!!!!!!



  • JakasdJakasd Member Posts: 12

    I read about it, I hope they fix it soon, it's not fun to play with toxic players rank 1 T_T

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    What difference does their rank make? Any kind of player can be toxic.

  • MrMisanthropy66MrMisanthropy66 Member Posts: 167

    I am so sorry for you and everyone of little experience facing this massive screw up by the devs this needs to be fixed immediately this game won't survive without new players BHVR get your ######### together!!!! I bet if it was a new legendary skin you would get it right! "Pretty good job so far "

  • CatDudCatDud Member Posts: 7

    Ya'll ever casually get rank 4's and lower survivors? I do, it makes me wanna jump off a bridge. OH and as survivor i got a rank 2 slugging billy on the lesa map or whatever it was called. He got a 4k in a minute...A ######### MINUTE.

  • lucid4444lucid4444 Member Posts: 682

    They should be all over this forum, the subreddit, and twitter. Pinning threads that they're looking into it and fixing it. Instead it's silence or tweets about booping snoots. Do they not realize how big of an issue this is?

    Can you honestly recommend this game to anyone? Here play this game where you'll constantly be matched with veterans and get your ######### kicked in. No there's no other game mode. Well you can play with friends but all 5 of you need to be on... that's about the only way to learn and have fun.

    This isn't CS:GO. You can't just pick it up and instantly know about the map spawns, perks, killers, movement, etc. etc. It just blows my mind that they thought this was a good idea. Idk how many streamers are going to stop streaming DBD before they realize.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    we asked, basically they’re looking into it but don’t know what’s wrong and decided apparently that not answering anything or even address publicly they know is a bad idea... for some reason

  • Cancan71Cancan71 Member Posts: 694

    A couple of mods have already said that they are looking into it. They can't really say much more than that.

    This is their usual MO when the community is worked up about a certain issue. At most they'll clarify a few misconceptions and then be silent for a few days before releasing an official statement. I remember one of the devs saying that they do this so that they don't influence anything about the issue at hand and they let the community discuss among themselves. If you want an example of this behavior you can look at their response to the Billy changes.

    You may not agree with this method but it is how they do things.

  • EuphoricBliss35EuphoricBliss35 Member Posts: 876

    Because there is no MMR system. It’s just open matchmaking. If there was a real MMR system, there would be real tiers and you would see when you progressed or regressed. DBD is like playing Last Year now

  • Dennis_van_eijkDennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,512

    Well I've been playing a lot of matches since they dropped mmr on both sides.

    Honestly it is real garbage.

    Sure it is fine to get a non sweaty ass swf group, but steamroling over ranks between 15 and 20 almost every game isn't fun at all.

    And neither is it for them I'm sure of it.

    Today as survivor was also a total mess.

    Getting low ranks vs high rank killer or high ranks vs low rank killers.

    It's no fun on either side.

    Sure I'll take the chase if he want for how long he wants, but when the gens done I'm out, unlike a lot of other survivors who just want to bully the killer.

    Only to feed their ego, cause yeah you have to be so good to win as a high rank survivor vs a low rank killer.

    Hope they sort this garbage out sooner rather than later

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    It is sum of survivors ranks. :D

  • Aiden_MeAiden_Me Member Posts: 71

    Please fix matchmaking i am rank 4 and i playing with 14,15... rank please i can't play with trash teammates i going to be angry because my teammates can't playing PLESE FIX!!!

  • DeanWinchesterDeanWinchester Member Posts: 145

    It’s horrible. Either I’m stuck with noob teammates or I stomp on a noob killer. One is frustrating and the other just makes me feel sad.

    Apparently the system should place you where you’re meant to be according to skill level, but I have yet to see that happen. I’ve done countless games since the new MMR and it’s broken as hell.

  • CampMeToDeathCampMeToDeath Member Posts: 47
    edited August 2020

    I know everyone is probably tired of MMR posts but.. What they did to matchmaking very unfair for when I solo queue or playing with 1 friend. I don't even attempt killer anymore since all my matches are red ranks, when I'm rank 9. (seems fair, but when I don't play as top tier killers, it's annoying and unfun.)

    But I figured why not to post my experiences, cause even though these posts are overly made, maybe the devs will listen and try and fix it.

    But these are the matches that I had since Friday:

    Not fair to the Spirit, the only reason why the one person died is because nobody did bones but me, though it was hard since she chased me until 1 Gen was left.

    I don't even remember this match tbh.

    I wrote on this picture for how I felt, and I honestly felt bad for him.

    I wrote on this picture too of my complaint. I only killed myself to see my team and killers ranked.

    Point is: I feel bad for new killers/suriviors. The game is not balanced and unfun. I won't be playing until MMR gets fixed. So thank goodness I didn't buy the rift pass.

  • CampMeToDeathCampMeToDeath Member Posts: 47

    I feel the same when I solo queue. It's the worst feeling ever. The game used to be fun, but now since I get new players (not trash ones) on either side when I play.. It's just sad and unfair. Makes "surviving" less rewarding.

  • darklingerdarklinger Member Posts: 128

    I play swf at that moment, much more relaxing playstyle

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,344

    Played as a rank 13 killer last night and my opponents were 3 rank 1's and a rank 2 ffs. Ended my unbeaten spirit record 😅

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 438
    edited August 2020

    They should change it so that new players don’t instantly be put up against red rank players. That should improve the mmr system by a lot because I have seen a lot of yellow ranks doing better than red ranks as killer and survivor. The only time I experienced a questionable pair up in ranks is when the system puts new players in red ranks. After my 10 placements, my ranks consist of purple and red ranks. Sometimes yellow ranks but it usually ends up in a draw.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,966

    There was no MMR system put in place. It's simply a free for all, first come first serve scenario. Devs got tired of the old system, couldn't figure out a new one, and removed restrictions of rank. It's why the 'individual skill rating' is hidden, because there isn't one.


    Or is it?

  • ZysmonZysmon Member Posts: 1

    The matchmaking is horrible...i'm survivor rank 20...and all the killers rank 1, 2 or 3. It's not fun play like this...

  • OkKiLLerOkKiLLer Member Posts: 118

    I see the rank 18 balanced it out. This mmr is stupid.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,516

    I hate to say it, but this is my current conspiracy theory. Until the devs give us details on how MMR is calculated or un-hide the numbers, we have no way to prove if it's actually doing anything.

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,429

    Nah, queue times would be faster on both sides if that were true, as is I've seen BOTH sides have longer queues since the new system. It's not working at all, I'm not pretending otherwise, but I don't think it's first come first served either.

  • OkKiLLerOkKiLLer Member Posts: 118

    Tbh ur probably right like wth. Most brown ranks would be destroyed by these players.

  • hellocom7hellocom7 Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2020

    Man everybody has one of two problems with this everybody knows its hella broken honestly these posts at this point are kinda useless because everybody knows

    Post edited by hellocom7 on
  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,466

    That's fake queue time.

    You know "fresh car" perfume used to refurbish used cars to get the "new car" feeling? Or did you know that old style turn lights in cars made this typical sound mechanically because of the relais modules used, and that new cars don't make this sound anymore but have fake sounds implemented only because of not breaking the habits of having that sound?

    I bet this is the same here. This is fake q time added so it feels normal

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    MMR doesn't even exists. I tried everything.

    Over 20 billy games, over 15 Doc, LF. NOTHING worked.

    Same as survivor, i'm getting new killers and survivors while my fake rating is high.

  • JakasdJakasd Member Posts: 12

    They are probably very good and the things I do make them laugh because I'm not at their "Level" so they play technically to annoy me

    There is no rank to be toxic but it is always rank 1 - 4 in my case obv :/

  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,704

    I’ve actually noticed the better ranked survivors seem to be more toxic. Better plays brings bigger pride I guess. Not everyone is like this. I just don’t get as much Tbagging and flashlight clicking with the less rankly survivors.

  • SirBDogSirBDog Member Posts: 31
  • JakasdJakasd Member Posts: 12
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