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Suggestions on dealing with Cry Baby Red Rank Survivors

Okay, as a Red Rank Survivor myself, I see these guys all the time from both sides. They get into chat and are the first ones to be salty and complain about the killer. These guys are also the first ones to DC when a killer's offering is not revealed (which generally means a mori even though there is 1 offering that is stealth that isn't a Mori, that is the offering that forces the survivors to all start far away from each other).

So I am suggesting that ALL OFFERINGS be stealth. This would eliminate this issue that has been happening for 4 years. Also, it would eliminate that person who DCs because they don't like the map while loading. If all offerings were stealth, this would make things better for the game I feel over all.

We can see the offerings at the end game when it is over. Making it so you can't see the killer's offering and perks was a great addition which I think this will make that great addition even better!

Also, if someone DCs when an Ebony Mori is used, that survivor should be penalized extra based on the reason they DCed. One one argue that it was an internet connection problem but if your internet connection is that weak, then you are messing up the game for everyone else anyways.

This brings me to my final suggestion. When matchmaking, if someone is pinging over 100 steadily then they should get grouped with people that ping over 100. If you are in a SWF, your ping group should be based on the worse person. These players who are taking advantage of their high ping to be unkillable.

I have a video of a guy who literally would disappear and reappear every time you go after him but it felt like it was planned. He tried to tell me his ping was over 1000 which I didn't believe for a second, because over 1000 he should have been DCed at some point. Also his issues only occured when I chased him. I ended up DC because I was playing nurse, it was literally impossible to blink and hit him because he was blinking more then I was. He would blink bounce all over. The moron had the adacity to call me a pathetic killer when he wasn't able to play fairly! I reported him because I didn't believe his excuses, let the Devs handle someone like him while showing video support of his impossible to hit actions. But I am not trying to complain about this guy or even ask what happened, I want to use him as an example.

Lets say he was being honest which I don't believe for a second. Then he should only be allowed to be matched with those over 1000 ping. That way people like me don't have these games where we suffer! Ping ranges should be first priority, then skill as second (skill might not be real if their ping is too high for killers to properly play against). Say anyone below 100 or 120 ping is decent ping and that will be the group most of us follow under. Then say 100 - 250 or 120 - 300 would be the next level ping and they all can play together. Their own ping is already bad, so they can play with others just like they are! It keeps them out of our games.

Also I would suggest something to monitor their pings in game. If their pings change a lot and it happens to coincide with being in a chase with the killer, then make sure these survivors are automatically put on the high level ping or ban them ... since they are using lag switched (easier to see who is using a lag switch when we all play with the same ping).


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    I’m not gonna read all that.But all I can really say is let’s be realistic here the staff can really only do so much to monitor such individuals.And also People have bad internet connections.I don’t think people should judge them right away and jump to conclusions.Cause people like to report falsely.

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