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Post Your MMR Fail Screenshots

TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
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So I've been perpetually matched against oceans of red ranks these last few days, prior my rank was increasing but now due to the absolute misery, pain and suffering as you can see it is slowly dwindling but the seas of red misery continue regardless.

MMR is clearly not working and with your help this thread is here to prove that.

Red ranks need to be restricted to matches between their own kind and Purple ranks. And that's it.

Please be a part in making this happen for the sake of the health, well being and future of our games new player retention to sustain behaviours new player revenue streams to continue developing new content to help in retaining existing players

All this is in aid of ensuring so our game doesn't end up just another empty lobby simulator.

I'll add more as the fail continues.

I'll leave you with this:

Post Your MMR Fail Screenshots 13 votes

AhoyWolfTricksEobardThawneUndershotLowkeysaurusPior_Mortestargazer9IllutionnoburyruTheshadowcrow4scoreand7skinsago 11 votes
This is fine, I'm okay with the events that are currently unfolding with MMR
SkullKidnotstarboard 2 votes
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  • DerZuntorDerZuntor Member Posts: 288
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    For me as a Killer MMR is working quite well i only had one game where it didn't.

    These are all the matches i played today as Killer.


    I didn't play Killer that much since MMR came out but my matches are not that different from the matches before. The first 3 matches I played I got good survs on my skill level I would say. In the 4th the Rank 4 and 12 were really good but the Rank 5 and 16 were pretty bad but aside from that game I only have good experiences with MMR.

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  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696
    This is fine, I'm okay with the events that are currently unfolding with MMR

    Rather than these screenshots, could everyone share how their matches are actually going? MMR ignores your rank so it's not reasonable to use rank as a way to see if MMR is doing its job. The sign that it's working is that you're having more competitive games than before. Even if it's a sweaty two-man SWF carrying two rank 18s against an average-skill killer, if the result is a well-fought game, MMR is working.

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