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Why do people complain about very insignificant things?

after 1.5k hours i ventured here for the first time and most i see from both sides is most people complaining about really weird stuff. Like for example there was a complaint earlier that complained about survivours having the ability to 180/360. This is such a insignificant thing as its very unreliable and most of the time you want it to be your last attempt to not die as survivour. There are also people who want a noed nerf for some reason when its one of the worst perks you can run. Generally i think the community would be healthier when people start asking themselves did i just get outplayed before they start blaming "op perks" or "infinites" or "hitboxes" etc. Admitting you made a mistake is a very reliable and easy way to get better at the game as you know what youve done wrong and try to avoid making more mistakes.

DBD can be a very frustrating game due to its A-symmetrical design and it makes it also harder to see when the other person outplays you as in for example a shooter the other person in 1v1 scenario most likely just aimed better but in this game both sides have extremely diffrent playstyles and skillsets. It doesent help that the killer plays a 1v4 game but the game plays more like a 1v1 game for soloq survivour. Getting to 4v1 mindset as survivour takes time.

Well aside that for everyone who thinks the game is horribly balanced right now look up some footage of old bnp/ / old moris/ actual infinites/ vaccuum vaults/ old ds and god forbid double pallets on almost every loop. The game keeps getting better balanced every year by a big margin its just that we get alot of small changes in updates and people are so impatient they fail to realize the small changes add up.

Most of the games problems stem from big maps and boring pallets (either hawkings level weak or crotus prenn strong) the devs need to find a middle ground where almost every pallet is winnable for both sides this would make chases way more intresting.

Anyways imo new mmr system is the only real step backwards during the years as i have to play against new players constantly and i dont really like stomping games they require no skill and are very boring.


This game has alot of balance issues? yes

People blame the other side or the game for when they suck at the game? yes

Have a good day in the fog! :)


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    Maybe... but i hope it isnt true.

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    Because most of players are trash, that's why 80% of the threads down here are crap. Most of them should be locked actually...

    I have played DbD since end of 2017. At that time, killers were clearly at a disadvantage.

    Atm, i find the game mostly balanced. There are some unbalanced things but it doesn't pollute every games you play.

    Here are my 2 cents :

    • Spirit needs to be nerfed but not too much. A rework is impossible as it would mean to remobe what makes her special to play but nerfige stridor for exemple would be a good start. Some add-ons need to be nerfed too.
    • Nurse needs to be reworked as in good hands she is impossible to beat and in average hands she is the worst killer. No idea how to do it but the game needs it.
    • Some maps need to be reworked (The game for exemple) as they have way too many pallets or are too big. Also, devs have to add grass or ground fog on "inside" maps to help the trapper (on those maps, traps are way too easy to spot).
    • Lag compensation has to be retweaked, killers with high ping have too much range, it's not fair. When playing against russian, i get hit when they are 4 meters away from me (and i have <30ms ping).

    And that's all. The game has never been so balanced/good since the clown update.

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    Well i mean the game has alot of frustrating aspects but the healthiest way to get over is to take small break length depending how mad you are. People meme about matthew when he said to go play civ but honestly taking coffee break or playing something else for a little bit is very good advice and can be applied in irl aswell. It makes you look at things more objectively when you have time to destress about it man was spitting good life tips and people memed on him pretty feelsbadman. Well mostly its because his tone sounded very stuck up that people got mad they didint really look at it from his point of view.

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