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I Did Bones. You Need A New Excuse.

This is just a reminder that yes, there are indeed survivors who do bones in order to try and counter NoED. These players also generally don't gen-rush.

When these players come here and say that NoED is indeed a terrible perk and needs changing, they're right. They do not need to "git gud", they do not need to hear "Just do bones." and they do NOT need to hear a garbage spiel about how easy the perk is to counter, the killer is "oNlY pLaYiNg WiTh 3 PeRkS!" or the points of DS/BT/DH/UB being perks and can be stacked.

To now make the "Do bones" argument null and void, I will now highlight every way that this argument is totally invalid:

  • Survivor perks, such as Decisive Strike and Unbreakable are used with the hope that they are NEVER ACTIVATED. Well, for a lot of their users anyway. People can claim this as being perks down, much like the arguments for NoED.
  • The so-called Survivor equivelant, Adrenaline, is only a small and temporary boost while NoED is permanent if activated. Yes, the health state is temporary, but there are several killers that have base-kit instant downs so this really shouldn't be THAT big of an issue.
  • NoED does not discriminate between those who have done totems and those who do not. This leads to several cases like mine where I am commonly doing 3-4 dull totems MYSELF and getting killed after only one hit and hook. I am being punished for others failing, not my own failure. I know that Survivor is technically a team game, but there is a point where the individual should not be punished for the failures of the team.
  • It creates bad habits. Rather than actually adapting to applying pressure through various means, or learning how to improve in chases, NoED is used as a safety net in order to get kills that one would not normally be able to achieve, making them think that they are more skilled than they actually are. Rather than getting better at their role, they are telling others to do way more work because they refuse to adapt.
  • Counters to a majority of Survivor perks are merely a change in mindset or playstyle, such as trading hooks to apply pressure and avoid Decisive Strike AND Borrowed Time. NoED requires survivors to go out of their way in order to stop one of your perks.
  • The "counters" are also indirect and limited, also chewing up valuable perk slots for other perks to counter some of the more unsavoury tactics that killers use and are not perk dependent.

Main point here is that yes, I do the dull totems. They are more bloodpoints and cancel the perk. I AM NORMALLY THE ONE TO GET HIT BY IT. Most of these games, it is also the first hook that I will be placed on and will also ultimately kill me.

There are also many issues that I have with NoED on a fundamental level as a perk, especially with it's activation for both general activation and notification of it's activity. Every other Hex perk requires ONE totem to be destroyed, where as NoED can have up to 5 required, before endgame.

All exposure effects outside of NoED and Devour Hope also give instant notification. Devour Hope also has a lengthy list of requirements to activate outside of "be loosing" in order to achieve the same effect. Devour Hope is also a TEACHABLE perk, one that should be more powerful than base-perks as you have to do a lot more work for them to become available.

So, fellow killers, while you lot think up of an actual excuse for NoED being the way it is, I'll be off actually doing the damn bones whenever I decide to indulge in a little bit of Survivor while I try to progress my Archives. In the meantime, whenever any of you argue about Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, Unbreakable just remember this advice, since it's ok for YOU to give it: Just don't tunnel, camp or slug. Never mind that the survivor ran at you or started working on that generator or unhooking that other survivor in your face. Kinda hypocritical, isn't it? That's how I feel every time I hear the phrase "just do bones".

I did them, so now what?



  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437

    there's been a thread not too long ago proposing a system to check how many totems are left.

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,460

    for me someone who NEEDS to be carried by noed is a complete noob fr me, yu never need to rely on a perk to win and it just shows the lack of skill of the player, same goes by some survivor perks but the point in this discussion is that noed is indeed a baby tier perk

  • Nosferatu3145Nosferatu3145 Member Posts: 542

    Kekekeke do more bones

  • EbisekEbisek Member Posts: 103

    Blame the team for what? There are no way of sharing info with other team mates. There are lot of situations like "3 on gen", HEX RUIN, and all three start searching the totem, because you have no chance to say "dude, I have small game, keep killer busy I ll do my job".

    And same in case of noed. You did 4 totems in Lery's or Gideon, you meet you team and you cannot share "all around the walls are cleared, check the center rooms".

    The mechanic of selection from remainings is stupid. You cleanse 80% of totems on hard map (Like Lery's, where the totem locaions are hell). You should have 20% chance of NOED and not 100%.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,439

    Firstly you seem to be vastly underestimating how much of a difference that 4% speed can make. It's the difference between being able to loop so many tiles another time and, especially whilst unsure of if NOED is in play, can result in the down into hook into face camp.

    Secondly, op was saying that if you believe noed to be fine and survivors need to just "do bones" then ds, unbreakable, and Bt are fine because you just need to "not tunnel or slug" .

  • ObscurityDragonObscurityDragon Member Posts: 684

    Yeah that second part, makes more sense if mea t that way

    And maybe i underestimate what 4% are, but i also already was able to loop a bit around a killer or even escape, giving at least my team enough time to open the doors (just sucks if he gets noed right when he was about to normal hit you)

    The thing that i dislike the most about noed is how easy you can camp the hook/bones on some maps when both are near each other

    (I see you on almost every topic, how much time do you even pass in the forums? Just wondering)

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    It may sucks for solo player but at the end of the day, its still a team game. You cant do everything solo and you shouldnt. If one survivor could do everything solo the game would be near to impossible for killers.

    You have to work together in order to escape even if its extremely hard in SoloQ but that doesnt mean you should can do it solo

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118
    edited August 2020

    No, it's not "extremely hard," it's "literally impossible." There's no way to communicate any information whatsoever about totems. There is no way to work together. You just have to do your part, on your own, and hope someone else had the wherewithal to also do totems, and that the combined totems you did were all of them. Because you can't talk to each other.

    That's not teamwork, that's just individuals individually doing objectives. Or not. Maybe no one else did anything.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,439

    A lot. I have nothing better to do so when I'm bored I boot up the forums and respond to topics I find interest in.

  • Kira15233Kira15233 Member Posts: 397
    edited August 2020

    The only downside to that, yes DS and Unbreakable are used with the hope of never being activated BUT DS forces to slug...if you don't see the unhooker (I try and go to the unhooker and if I see nobody..I'll go after the unhooked one)

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    @DudeDelicious is right.

    I go out of my way to do bones in EVERY SINGLE GAME just to try and avoid NoED. I'll ignore generators for a good minute or two at the start of the game to focus on just totems. If I miss just one totem, then it is usually me who dies to NoED. Generally I'll get through about 3 dull totems by myself, while also going for saves before I am nearly forced onto generators to get some Lightbringer emblem.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Well, yes, but the main point there was the hope of it never being used, and hypocritical advice being given to counter a perk that isn't used 100% of the time.

  • KatzengottKatzengott Member Posts: 468
    edited August 2020

    My Solo build since months: Inner - Detective's Hunch - Quick & Quit - Iron Will

    Or just bring a Map.

    If you're SWFs there's no excuse for getting NOED as you can count and call out the totems. As solo try to cleanse the more hidden totems at the start, so the potential NOED can be found easier later (most likely it's the last one). So yeah, NOED is much more a threat vs. Solos. Better don't get hit first and always expect it.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    It's not the killer's fault, but what is would be the advice of "just do bones" that litters the forums. This is because I am the one doing the bones and getting punished because my team can't carry their own weight, their advice is not at all helpful and I just need to hear anything other than "just do bones" or "equip a perk that doesn't help deal with bigger issues" from killers.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    I play both. Depending on the thread, there are people who are on either side.

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