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A New Build To Annoy Killers

So, I need a new build away from my usual in order to spice up gameplay for me a bit, and I came to a realisation: My preferred playstyle as a survivor is to ANNOY THE KILLER to no end, by doing stuff like unhooking when they just walked away from the hook (about the distance that Devour Hope would activate, or rather, when the TR is gone), or tapping that generator you just kicked and disappearing.

Now here's the challenging part. I need perks to facilitate this and annoy the living hell out of killers without using Decisive Strike, Unbreakable or Borrowed Time. Bonus points if you can find a way for Self-Care to be used, as I do like to heal up where possible, I don't have Inner Strength as a teachable and don't like it anyway.

I'm thinking of having Breakout and Saboteur in there, but not sure what else.



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