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Who here plays both survivors and killer?



  • EsheonEsheon Member Posts: 522
    Both here. Sometime I play more killer, sometimes more survivor. I generally play survivor when I want to relax, which is the opposite of how it should be. Both sides should have a tense game, but survivors should be more so.

    On killer I'm mostly Hag, Doc, and Pig. I do decently most of the time, no 4k every game for me, but I usually get a 2k and pip.

    On survivor I used to play hard stealth. P3 Claudette with SC, IW, UE, SB, always a medkit or toolbox, etc. Now I usually just equip BT/DH/WMI, then run from gen to gen and loop when I'm found. I have enjoyed Kate with Lithe, UE, and DWM recently though. I refuse to run DS, though I suppose I'll have to do it at least once to get the Laurie achievement.

    Survivors are still in the power role, but it's getting better bit by bit.
  • NickNick Member Posts: 667
    edited September 2018

    (both rank 1) I'm always watching a movie on my second screen when I play survivor because its a M1 simulator. So I'd say that survivor is more chill, especially when you play with friends. Killer is quite intense, full gen pressure + no teammates

  • HellrossaHellrossa Member Posts: 104

    I play both. Rank 15 survivor and rank 13 killer, Meg and Piggy mostly.

  • EightEight Member Posts: 513

    @Hellrossa said:
    Meg and Piggy mostly.

    God, I bet you're popular! :) Good on you though.

  • GicheGiche Member Posts: 753

    Both side, since the end of 2017.

    While it's nice to see both sides of the coin, it didn't changed my mind about this game's balance.

  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 746

    Me! I love playing character classes in general so as long as I keep the perks mostly unique per each character I’ll play any of them

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 1,906
    edited September 2018

    I do.
    Personally I think it is kinda balanced. Still a bit in favour of survivors, and endgame perks are a bit mandatory for killers (Bloodwarden is my favourite), but it's mostly a matter of skill.
    For example, if I was to play Billy, Huntress or Nurse I mostly get rekt now, but if I play the Doctor or the Trapper I dominate most matches (rank 3 currently): that's just because I don't play top tier killers since months so I'm terribly out of practice with them and I need some time to dust off my skills, which I don't need on other mid tier ones.

  • DamahoDamaho Member Posts: 44

    I play both, although I like killer more than survivor. Although survivor is way less stressful and easier than killer, I get annoyed or bored real fast. I play almost exclusively solo survivor and you either get matches were you have survivors that know what they are doing and the gens are done in 5 minutes even with ruin or you have survivors on your team that make you think: "How did they get past rank 19?"

    Just had a P3 Dwight who starts the match by going in a locker and comes out when he notices that the huntress is chasing me (knew that because I use bond). Would be fine, a bit cowardly given how strong survivors are but fine. What was not fine is that he saw that I was looping the huntress around a pallet and instead of doing the smart thing of "I run away and do another gen" he runs to me and wants to run the loop with me. That of course gave me an unnecessary hit... Gladly the huntress prefered to hit the Dwight next and followed him instead of me. How is it possible to get to rank 4, prestige your character three times (hadn't looked for his perks, so no idea if he got any teachables) and still be sooo bad at this game?

    With killer I have to concentrate and can't have any distractions because I have to hear moans and footsteps and such, which makes it less chill than survivor, with the only benefit being that these idiots aren't on my team anymore... Sadly they are mostly not in my killer games either.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    @Grey87 said:
    I play both and I don't think you can just decide what side is "OP".
    Sometimes survivors get totally destroyed, sometimes the killer kills 0.

    I've seen a killer main ,who also plays survivor, on twitch saying survivors are stronger (if they are an experienced swf team) , but he also said 90% of his games end in 4k.
    Soooo... take from it what you will, I don't think it's an easy "survivor/killer" answer.

    Balance is when you look at the result when two players of equal skillevel use all available tools and verse each other.
    This means 4 man DS on the survivor side and the killer well, being "killer". Anyone who can seriously claim that DBD is balance... :lol:

  • EightEight Member Posts: 513

    @Mycroft said:

    @Eight said:


    I did say "relatively"... but you may be right.

  • NoOneNoOne Member Posts: 32
    I just cant play more than a few killer games. Its just so much more stress playing killer, ... Playing survivor is so much more relaxed. 
    That's the reason i can't play too many killer matches, even tho I'm having fun. I also stay lower ranks, bcs i want to have fun and be able to play fair. 
  • RuneStarrRuneStarr Member Posts: 828

    Play both pretty equally, (why would anyone only want to play half a game lol).

    I don't really see either side as "OP". Solo Surv vs Killer is pretty balanced IMO. Even with looping, camping, DS, BBQ Billy, etc (all the stuff people whine to high heavens about).

    Now SWF using discord/PS party vs Killer... that's where it tilts heavily towards the survivor side.
    Since it wasn't originally part of the game it was never balanced around, and they really need to do something. Even if it's their plan of bringing solo up to SWF levels of info (AND BUFFING KILLERS ACCORDINGLY!). Just, anything to make it fun for both sides again. SWF rn is easymode survivor side, and hell from the killer side. I want a challenge even if I'm playing with friends, otherwise I feel like a jerk after when the killer gets demolished because of how easy it is.

    ...Although I'm sure it'll end up being along the lines of survivors getting those buffs and being happy, then going on entitled review bombs when they try to buff killers to be able to compete. Because well, look what happens anytime killers get any kind of buff lmao.

  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    Both though I'm better killer then surv
  • Mr_Jay_StarkMr_Jay_Stark Member Posts: 539
    I play both! Survivors are OP. When I play survivor I make myself builds for each survivor I play as so I could play using different play styles (that’s how bored I’ve gotten lol).

    But don’t get me wrong I LOVE playing as killer because I always tell survivors the only way you die is if YOU make mistakes. 

    But no matter what side I play I always want to lose. Why you may ask well as a survivor I feel bad for the killer and when I play as a killer if I do lose I won’t be surprised lol
  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,883
    edited September 2018

    I play survivor and killer as I enjoy how each side differs from each other. I've gotten to rank 7 on killer and rank 9 on survivor.

    Usually, I prefer to play the Doctor with Barbeque and Chili III, Thrill of the Hunt III, Distressing III, and Enduring III just to farm points. However, high-rank toxicity and a recent time constraint have pushed me to play survivor or another game entirely. I like Dead by Daylight and all, but I play video games for fun, and waiting for 5 minutes just to be blinded and bullied by a bunch of strangers isn't fun for me. (Keep in mind that I normally don't aim to kill people unless they tick me off.)

    That's why recently I've been mainly playing as a P3 peasant Jake Park or just playing Payday 2.

    As for who's more overpowered, it's blatantly clear that the survivors have too many advantages:

    • Strength in numbers
    • Second Chances (Pallets, Self-Care, Decisive Strike, Exhaustion perks [Especially Adrenaline], etc)

      • 3 Lives to die, because getting impaled on a rusty hook is just an inconvenience.
    • Communication devices such as Skype, Steam Chat, Discord, and Teamspeak

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  • palotheaspalotheas Member Posts: 64
    I play both killer and survivor, I hadn't played anyone much besides bill until recently because he was my first daily and I decided I liked borrowed time. I do enjoy killer more because you have to focus the whole time so you're always engaged, but sometimes it's nice to play as a survivor and relax, maybe chill in a locker for a bit, and grab something to drink. Survivors are just way less stressful to play as.
  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    Both but more as a survivor than as a killer.
  • HellrossaHellrossa Member Posts: 104

    @Eight said:

    @Hellrossa said:
    Meg and Piggy mostly.

    God, I bet you're popular! :) Good on you though.

    Why that? :ohnoes:

  • SilasSilas Member Posts: 307

    Survivors: Kate & Claudette
    Killers: The Trapper & Mikey

    I love The Trapper, but he definitely needs a buff regarding his traps. I'm glad they increased the setting time but he should start with at least two traps. Also there should be more available to be found on the map.

  • EightEight Member Posts: 513

    @Hellrossa said:
    Why that? :ohnoes:

    Just that everyone seems to hate Megs, and survivors hate Pigs.

    Don't worry about it. :) It's cool.

    (Sorry for late reply).

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959

    @Ramxenoc445 said:
    If so which side do you feel is more op? I personally feel it's balanced enough if you are good at mind games when playing killer just because of the op combinations you can get on both sides. Each side has useless perks and each side has some that everyone on the opposite side hates. 

    I play both sides solo, but I play way more killer (I' a "killermain" ^^ )
    Survivor are to powerful.
    I am a mediocre survivor,playing solo in low to mid ranks and I still survive more often than not.
    Now imagine good survivor with high rank teammates and possible SWF voice com.
    That's what I meet every day, when I play killer.
    Overconfident, cocky survivor and they play that way, because they know they get away with it.

  • TheCamperTheCamper Member Posts: 13

    I have like 3k hours on the game. Having played both sides. I honestly love killer. Obviously killing people is fun but it's very obvious in the way the game has changed. When I just start which is like a few months after game released. It was hard to play survivors. You really had to have your perks to survive. Even with them you probably lose.

    Over the course of the game. It is actually more and more relaxing to play survivor. Compared to playing killer. It's like babysitting 4 stubborn kids that are holding knives, while all you have is a pillow to stop them.

    It's a little ridiculous of a comparison but it's about there. Not saying survivors should drop dead but the game should more or less be like what it was at the start.

    Of course there were certain broken features like permanent sabotage....that was a nightmare to deal with and of course the counter to it which was infinite iron grasp or might as well be. Wiggle as much as you want and you still end up in the basement.

    So those needed fixing but somehow those fixes made it relaxing to play survivor in comparison to killer. The amount of focus you need to down a survivor and only for it to be gone with one tap of a space bar.

  • michaelmyers87michaelmyers87 Member Posts: 442
    ✋ play both equally.

    While survivor is usually more OP, it all boils down to how the game starts. If you can get a kill before before 2 gens are done, you have a 50/50 chance to snowball the game into your favor. That's at least how I view it.

    If the survivors are optimal, the chances are 30/70. 
    I’ve kept stats on this playing as survivor. 

    About 130 matches worth of data. 

    When the first person died with 4 or 5 gens remaining. The gates were never powered. 

    When thefirst perosn died with 3 gens remaining. The gates were powered twice. 

    When thenfirst perosn died with 2 gens remaining, it became 50/50. 

    1 gen remaining. 75%

    the magic number for gens is two remaining. That’s what I used to camp my way to rank only using Michael. Get that first person outta the way. 
  • ElricElric Member Posts: 6

    I play both, a bit more killer, but I'm a regular survivor as well.

    The balance needs some tweaking in various departments, but I personally feel that the survivors have MUCH more ways to ruin the killers fun than vice versa.

    Plus, if a survivor is out, he's out, and can start a new game. Killer usually has to endure it till the very end when survivors are being toxic.

  • OXYOXY Member Posts: 69
    edited September 2018


    Killer is just too stressful for me at times, with survivor I can relax, have fun and still do well.

  • GolgiNeaGolgiNea Member Posts: 157
    I play both sides and I agree, it is pretty balanced on each side. I have lots of fun with both killer and survivor. I just think a lot of issues we face on both sides would be fixed with dedicated servers!
  • MineAntoiyaMineAntoiya Member Posts: 802

    I play Survivor when I want to chill, but I always really wanted to be a killer main. The fact that sometimes I'm too scared to play Killer just saddens me :/ Don't like risking myself going against Ochido clones

  • ZeroAwooZeroAwoo Member Posts: 8

    I play both and I feel like it's more of a see-saw thing, depends on who you get. Sometimes you can get really good killers who make everything look op and broken, and some matches you can get toxic survivors that you can never catch and make your life hell. It's hard to gauge because it all depends on the player, how you play them, how you counter the other, what your good at, what they are good at and so on.

    Most times I regret playing killer cause even when ranking up I get people in low ranks acting like they are the new Ochido or Noob3 toxic surv, and some times when I play survivor I feel like the killer always know's were we are without tracking perks and so on. This game could always use tweaks but it's not black and white/ this side vs that.

    They need to fix the ranking a bit more and fix lag-switchers and speed-hackers cause the higher you go ie. rank 1-7 the more you see.

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