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Unbiased feedback on alot of things

I used ot not have hope for PTBs since little was changed after them ,even with feedback, but Billy and Bubba changes reignited my faith so here we go

Blight: What hasn't been said already? he us wonky ot play, has the turning radius of a semi truck when 80% of chase is in tight loops and the double coodolwn for a hit is very punishing. You also have a massive hitbox, so squeezing through trees and gaps is impossible. Unless he turns better, like ALOT better, Oni literally has his dash, but without allll the penalties. Besides changing his awful hitbox, it feels you have so little time to react after a slam as well. This seems like a high skill cap killer with little reward.

the new survivor is sexy, end of story


Visionary: It's good for noobs I guess, but like always, there is a cooldown for no reason so meh

Desperate something: I mean, if I just run botany its the equivalent of 3 injured people AD botany gives me longer medkits, this is just worse than botany for healing others majority of the time.

Fix items perk: This is really solid for medkits and toolboxes, I honestly dont think it needs a change since less charges it will be useless, while more might be OP

hex: Undying: amazing perk that gives Hex's way more of a lifespan! Im no expert so maybe high level players will find a way ot bust this one

Dragons;s Breath: Really solid perk thats a Make Your choice for gens with an understandable cooldown. Like how it is right now. it is literally what Gearhead wished it could be

Hex: Blood Favor: I like this, alot, I really do. The blocking would be amazing in chases, but it is still a hex so it will help me alot or get cleansed 20 seconds into the game

All in all, great visuals and lore, the best killer perks we have seen in a while, meh survivor ones and a visual amazing killer.

Unfortunately with how the killer plays right now, i might actually skip a chapter for once. As much as I love these perks, if Blight goes on Live as he is now, he will be in his own tier for how terrible he is unless something changes DRASTICALLY about him.

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