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Things that could i would change about the blight

1. after colliding into an object the blight can't collide with another object for .2 to .3 seconds.

2. So consoles might have a chance to play him when the blight collides with an object he bounces for another .5 to .1 seconds for accuracy

3. The dash lunge should change so it like wraith lunge after he unclocks

4. Height it should at least be mid size which I belive its a bug because it seems that the killer is taller when pulling sombody out of the locker. Also he collides with the window when vaulting.

5. The injections - i don't know what could help with this. but every time he injects himself its like 3 seconds. With also the stabing animations so the survivor could get farther.

Either than that he seems like a deathslinger where his power is most useful to get the 2 hit fast.

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