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Blight Alchemist == Pinball Wizard???

Whaaaat?? Who thought this was a good idea? You hype this guy up for, what, 2 years and this is the power you come up with? PINBALL WIZARD??

Hey guys, I have a question for you:

What power would you expect a person with this backstory to have; A mad alchemist scientist who kills people with his chemical experiments gets abducted by the entity, but then he starts using interdimensional blight goo to experiment on the other killers in the realm to turn them into even more horrifying beasts. Using the last remaining Pustula Goo, he injects himself and transforms into a horrifying blight monster. Maybe some kind burst power like the Oni's where he injects himself and transforms into a frenzied beast that tears through everything in its path? Maybe a killer like Plague that inflicts survivors with the Blight giving them horrific status effects? Maybe he can harvest it from survivors later to transform into a Blight monster?

Nope. We get *PINBALL MACHINE*. Because that makes sense.

On top of all this, his power is clunky, restrictive, punishing, unfun, and frustrating. I honestly hate it. Don't know why they thought this was a good idea.


  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 554

    Hes got insane map mobility, but thats it.

    Hes a map depended killer that cannot counter round loops, pallets and most tiles.

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