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New Killer power should just be completely scrapped. Just start over.

A lot of people have already said it, but his power is just garbage on so many levels. It doesn't even make sense with the lore of a Blight Alchemist. It should have been something like a cross between Oni and Plague utilizing the Blight goo, not this frustrating, counter-intuitive mechanic of bashing into walls.


  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854

    I think sounds have a better chance of getting fixed then the devs scrapping this monstrosity

  • jack321jack321 Member Posts: 28

    The power itself is garbage, yea you can tweak it and make it less garbage but why.

    the power itself sucks and is unfun. Just start over, here I can make a better power.

    the blight is a baseline 125% movement speed killer.

    the power

    the blight injects himself with Serum to a maximum of 4 times.

    0 injects moves at 125% speed can’t attack

    1 inject 115% speed can attack

    2 injects 110% speed can attack and attacks blight survivors

    3 injects 105% speed, insta down attacks and blights survivors. “Can not maintain this level of blight near a hooked survivor.

    4 injects, 100% speed instadown, blight survivor attacks have no cool down

    alternative power button causes the blight to purge his system in a 360 degree aoe that blights survivors who are hit by it.

    blighted survivors suffer a darkened dripping orange tinted screen that heavily obscured vision until the drip clean baseline 30 seconds. Addons offer additional effects and time.

    there is it a great power? No but it’s better than what we got and I made it up on the toilet.

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 513

    I really like this idea, its like Bane from the Injustice games. Id enjoy a mechanic where you NEED to inject yourself with more or lose what level you were at and return to level 0.

    I also think it would be cool if the higher the level the more your view becomes obscured by the growths the syrum produces.

    I agree that The Blight should get a complete rework even if he needs to be delayed. His power seems unfinished (and in my opinion pretty terrible), good on anyone who can use him well but im not a fan of collecting Killers to harvest the perks off them and then toss the Killer in the trash bin because they aren't fun to play, nor good enough to even attempt to sacrafice survivors as.

  • HarHenHarHen Member Posts: 28

    True, delaying him is fine as long as he gets a more lore accurate and enjoyable power

  • cwtferncwtfern Member Posts: 136

    100% this. I want so badly to like this killer because everything about him is great EXCEPT his main power. It's heartbreaking.

    His power needs a serious improvement, if not a total redesign.

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