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Everyone's talking about Hex Undying but what about Dragon Grip???

RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,264
edited August 2020 in 4.2.0 PTB Feedback

Anyone who has been on the forums long enough knows that a major killer complaint has been:

"It takes me all this time to kick a gen and survivors can just run by and barely tap it, then keep running."

This perk is a hard counter to that strat (with a cooldown) that makes the survivor screen, reveals their aura for like 6 seconds (maybe 4, I forgot), AND makes them exposed for an entire minute. That's tier 3 haunted grounds time exposure.

If someone tries to do that midchase, they're screwed. That's a pretty solid perk that everyone seems to be ignoring. Hell, I'm more concerned about that than Hex Undying. I personally cleanse every totem I come across for Inner Strength (or I keep tabs on them for future potential heals if I need them)

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