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Stuck on the hill... and escaped. Hopefully a guide for the ones that experience it

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Just as a slice of hope:

When you get closer to the area to get up on the hill, there seems to be a tiny gap you can use. I let the clip in total, so you can see all the tiny little jumps that might give an idea how to escape.

  • at ca 25 sec there is a slight movement
  • the whole time nurse is near, I was holding shift (about until 43 seconds), after that I tried crouching and walking normally, also changing camera directions
  • at about 50 seconds there is a different possible escape route, but it sucked me back in
  • the escape is by walking normally, starts at about 1:10 short before end of the clip. I tried left/right into a 45° angle until I got the gap
  • at 1:15 I walk slightly against the hill which seems to lift me a bit, probably this is necessary to get out

Happy escaping

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