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The most meme-able Survivor/Killer?

Which survivor or Killer do you find to be the most meme-able?


  • OllieHellhunterOllieHellhunter Member Posts: 698


  • RenDesuneRenDesune Member Posts: 246

    Trapper. He step in his trap and makes cute oof sound. Actually adorable, I want to hug him

  • thelittlemonstersthelittlemonsters Member Posts: 97
    edited August 2020

    Hag for sure if you know how to play her.

    Freddy kit meme:


    Blood Warden

    Remember Me

    Fire Up

    Put a trap at the level of each gate and put your traps on the paths to both doors.

    Run around M1ing people until end game. Then they trigger the traps and you destroy everyone because they think you don’t know how to play Hag.

    Basement build

    Territorial Imperative


    Iron Grasp

    Make Your Choice

    Mint Rag Add On

    You can use one trap max to catch people in a chase so you should rely heavily on mind games and prediction. Hook someone in basement, trap in your favorite location, and leave.

    On top of those there’s Body Blocker Hag, All Seeing Hag which just consists of our aura reading. Although that build is less funny and more plain devastating.

    There are a few others but besides body blocker Hag these three are my favorite.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632


  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,659

    Ace, Ghostface or Michael.

  • Luciferr_2ndLuciferr_2nd Member Posts: 909

    Dwight and Ghostface 100%

    I had this match where i got unhooked, started running to the open exit gate to see the ghostface had blood warden. I crouched and accepted my fate, at this moment the ghostface was crouching up and down as he was getting closer and nodded his head a bunch. That was hilarious.

    Michael can be pretty funny as well though.

  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 1,194

    Locker build Dwight.

    Hoodini Caludette.

    Tea bag Ghostface.

    Entity Nea.


  • OwlzeyOwlzey Member Posts: 442

    Scoops ahoy/sunglasses Steve

  • sad_killer_mainsad_killer_main Member Posts: 785

    Meg lol, that breathing.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Dwight and Myers by far.

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