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new generator animations are great! but need some work

This ptb has been nothing but great so far in my eyes, the update to Yamaoka and Badham are great and perfect and they look amazing, I cant wait for the rest. But anyways lets get to the small bandage "fixes" or improvements that are needed.

  1. the new small set of animations while great and refreshing! they need a little more work and polishing done to them, as of right now the one where you are repairing the wires on the generator the animation is stiff and seems to be bugged with the left or right hand completely flipping while lifting the hanging panel thingy, the other two animations are almost perfect just need some polish as I said. I cant wait for more animations in the near future! such as running, healing, vaulting and etc
  2. This is a very small one but on pallets and gens the texture resolution looks a bit blury, but over all looks fantastic.

overall I think you guys are doing great and I cant wait to see more I just hope one of you guys see this

@Peanits or some people willing to give a little insite to things? BTW I know or have heard that the current ptb was a week old at release or something so all the things I listed above are subject to change as everything is or might have already


  • XergeXerge Member Posts: 926

    One thing I don't like is the sound survivors make when they repearing the gens.

  • noisyninjaboynoisyninjaboy Member Posts: 8

    Yes! This. I think the animation loops are choppy sometimes and that they might differ from female and male survivors. Because I've seen Nea touch an imaginary oily tube on the wrong side of the generator. But when playing as Felix or Dwight they seem to be better suited.

    They look super good but just need polish and fixing.

  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 345

    IMO whats wrong with the new animations is that its harder to hear when survivors are working on it. Since the new animations are slow it takes longer to hear a cable zapping or a switch flipping or the lid raising. I feel like they should spped up the animations a little bit and make the sounds louder.

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