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*do something about moris*

I just had my game end in under 5 minutes because I looped the killer (hag) for 2 gens before i went down, and then when i got saved from the hook my teammate set off a trap and I got tunneled and immediately killed.

Like moris as they are ruin the experience. They cut the killers objective into a fraction of what they need to do (and no keys dont do the same thing for survivors that only happens after the objectives get done), makes players depip no matter how well they played during the game solely because they didnt play for long enough, gives killers way too much of an advantage taking out a player so early in the game, and more than anything else it stops survivors from being able to play the game at all. It takes me like 5-10 minutes now to get a lobby as a survivor, so id rather not spend more time waiting for a game than actually playing one.

Theyre objectively unbalanced (except for the yellow one which lowkey sucks) and with all the pretty consistent nerfs to survivors and buffs to killers weve had lately it honestly feels like yall dont want the survivors to enjoy the game. I play solo cause i dont have any friends who play so I get screwed over constantly by randoms, the servers lag constantly (as survivor and killer today I wiitnessed hits from no exaggeration, 15 or 20 feet away, clearly around corners, and i saw/experienced pallet stuns that hit but the stun didnt happen until after the full attack animation happened)

Im fully aware that you guys have no intention of balancing the game and ive come to terms with that but dear lord give us a chance to play the game in the first place. Pink and green moris should be on death hook only, and green moris should allow for 2 uses instead of one, like how pink keys get 4 survivors out and purple keys only get 2 survivors out.

also fix the lag please but thats just a side note thank you<3


  • stargazer9stargazer9 Member Posts: 394
  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 1,027

    Yellow mori is useless, if you can down the last living survivor you can already almost always hook them or let them bleed out to kill them. Red mori is overpowered, killing multiple people one hook early is too swingy. Green moris are fine though, one kill one hook early is useful but not completely out of line with other green effects.

    My suggestion is

    Yellow Mori - Lets you kill any survivor that you’ve hooked twice. Similar to Pyramid Head’s Final Judgment. Better than the current version but not as good as Green

    Green Mori - Let’s you kill one survivor that you’ve hooked once. (Same as it is now)

    Red Mori - Both of the above effects. Let’s you kill one survivor that you’ve hooked once and any survivor that you’ve hooked twice. Better than Green but not as powerful as the current version while still letting you get multiple kills.

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