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Why do I keep seeing all this hype about Soul Guard?

I mean within the past week, I've seen people say Soul Guard is a hard counter to Hex Totems (which I still don't understand). I've seen people say Soul Guard is the strongest perk survivors have gotten in the past year. I've seen so many people putting this perk on a pedestal and I don't get it.

Soul Guard is literally only usable if the killer allows you to use it. Literally the counter to Soul Guard is, pick up the freakin survivor. That's it.

In order to get use out of this perk, I would have to:

  1. bring Unbreakable + Soul Guard to use it on my own.
  2. Be in a SWF, be slugged long enough to recover my bar and then communicate to a teammate to come pick me up while the killer is coming back and take a hit within 4-8 seconds. (because no random is going to pick you up if the killer is right there)
  3. If there's a Hex totem still up at the time, you can pick yourself up. Those are usually gone by late game though and if someone is slugging in the early game...... idk. They're probably a jerk or something XD

In my time playing as killer since the release of Nancy, I've never once encountered this perk. Even WHEN I had to slug (which I don't do often).

In my time playing Nancy herself, I got more use out of her other 2 perks than Soul Guard. Literally, I've stopped gens from being Popped using Repressed Alliance so many time and I forget what her other perk is called but it gives me constant location of the obsession during the match which really helps in terms of info. Soul Guard is her weakest perk.

Why do people consider this perk high tier?


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