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PS4-Technical issues

I've been playing on PS4 since the PS+ freebie last month, and since then this game has been my main game. I invested hundreds of hours just in the past month+, and I want to buy all the DLC, but there are a few things holding me back.

Quitters. I am not talking about internet connection issues, but flat out griefing. It doesn't happen often (I'd say about once in a dozen games), but sometimes when the killer is doing very poorly they will quit using the dashboard. In these cases the game tells us of the disconnection, but it also tells us that our progress in blood points and rank are being rewarded, while the opposite is the case. I just played a game where we very quickly powered up four generators, and the killer had one survivor hooked which I was in the process of rescuing. The killer seems to have quit out, and the game says I should be awarded 33000+ blood points, and a point in rank, but instead I lost a point in rank, was granted 0 blood points, and also lost my toolkit with add-ons. This needs immediate attention as it is a very easy way for the killer to grief survivors that are doing well. My suggestion would be to allow the game to remain online when a killer just quits out. The survivors are already due the 'surviving' award of blood, even though the game doesn't always work at granting that blood, so I don't see why they are all disconnected instead. Otherwise simply fixing the game so it never steals your credit would be a great fix.

Lag. I play at a variety of times ranging from 6 am to 2 am, and this causes me to connect to players that are obviously not in the continental U.S.some of the time. The issue here is that lag is abundant when my Wyoming connection is going to South America, for instance. It isn't fair for anyone to experience rubber-banding of that degree, and it also isn't fun. I understand that you cannot fix all connectivity issues, but I would like to see a checkbox that would stop me from being grouped with people that have serious connectivity issues or people that are just so far away that playing with them will not be enjoyable.

I'd like to add that even with these issues this is a great game you've created, and I hope to continue playing it for a long time.

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