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My Current build with Freddy

Barbecue and Chili


Hex: Ruin

I'm all Ears

Add Ons: I forget the names

Red one where all survivors start in the dream world

Then a yellow that causes the blindness effect when the survivors run over a snare.

It works pretty well for me. I get a solid 2-3k per match


  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,578

    I wouldn't really use Surge and Ruin since both do pretty much the same. They kick gens for you.

    I am all Ears can be solid and gives good info inside a chase, but Freddy has a good Chas ability so Chase Perks aren't really needed on him either.

    BBQ is always great.

    He is good without Add-On's as well, so you can basically use anything on him.

    I use him with BBQ, Pop, Corrupt Intervention and Dead Man's Switch.

    BBQ and Pop allows me to instantly teleport to Gens to slow them down after hooking someone.

    If I hook the Obsession, I can bait a Teleport to instantly block a Gen or two with Dead Man's and Corrupt for early game slowdown.

    I basically always get something for hooking, Pop or Dead Man's Switch, and I don't really run Add-Ons on Freddy because like I said, he doesn't need them.

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