Home Rank update error and Disconnection Penalty

Error 112 Post-Fix Patch

I thought it was supposed to be fixed with the update we received just two days ago?


  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    On an additional note, the game version says 4.1.2 on the launch screen. There is no way the game would revert its version by itself I suppose?

  • AjabunAjabun Member Posts: 1

    Yeah, I have the same problem. I updated DbD but it still shows on the launch screen that it is ver. 4.1.2 so error keeps showing too. Help, I have no idea what could go wrong...

  • pexiouspexious Member Posts: 5


  • BluegillsBluegills Member Posts: 1

    Same, getting this three times in a row, not playing until it's fixed. Don't want to waste my cakes.

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