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(Question to devs) Trapper's Iridescent Stone inconsistency (about the alogirithm behind it)

Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 789

I appreciate if you take some time to read. (sorry for bad english, I'm from Brazil)

So I was playing with Trapper with iridescent Stone and Honing Stone, trying to do that tech to put Traps on exit gates with Remember Me so that the survivor will disarm the trap and get caught after 30s. The thing is, the survivor disarmed the trap, managed to 99% the exit gates and the Trap was still disarmed.

Resume of the match: There was only two survivors alive(one on the hook and the other one opening the gates(I was watching him from far away), the obsession was dead so it took him 36 seconds to open the exit gates, then he went for the save after 99%ng the gate. I recorded the match to be sure and it really took him 35 seconds.

After seeing this, I wanted to know how the algorithm behind the iridescent stone worked(I'm also a dev, so it made me curious), so I started a custom match with my other account to test this. And these are my results about how it works:

I've set all the Traps on the map except one, which I used to test the add-on, and these are my results:

  1. Trap disarmed in: 46:10, it has set at 46:40 (took 30 seconds)
  2. Trap disarmed in: 47:17, it has set at 48:10  (took 53 seconds)
  3. Trap disarmed in: 48:30, it has set at 49:10 (took 40 seconds)
  4. Trap disarmed in: 50:12, it has set at 51:10 (took 58 seconds)
  5. Trap disarmed in: 51:25, it has set at 52:10 (took 45 seconds)
  6. Trap disarmed in: 52:20, it has set at 53:10 (took 50 seconds)
  7. Trap disarmed in: 53:41, it has set at 54:40 (took 59 seconds)
  8. Trap disarmed in: 54:51, it has set at 55:40 (took 49 seconds)
  9. Trap disarmed in: 58:06, it has set at 58:40 (took 44 seconds)

The timer to reset the traps ONLY checks when the seconds in the clock is in the 40 seconds or 10 seconds, and thats why it says each 30 seconds, but there's a problem with that.

As we can see, all traps set itself each time the clock is in 00:10 or 00:40, meeting the requeriment that it has been disarmed for at least 30 seconds. Thats why if you disarm a trap at 00:11, it will only set it again at 01:10, taking 59 seconds, because when the timer checked at 00:40, the trap was disarmed for only 29 seconds. You can check this clearly by looking at my results above.

Now my question: Why make the code in this way? Yes it works for multiple traps that are disarmed, but If you disarm a Trap under 00:11 seconds and then this Trap was lucky to be selected, it won' take the 30 seconds but an entire minute. Why don't you guys make a timer for each trap that starts at the moment the trap was disarmed? I don't think it costs much resources since it's just a basic work.


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