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baked in shadows on character models and white clothing, and outdated character rigs

This is just a small annoyance to some but a big one to me, as of late we have had two great chapters but they still have two visual flaws mostly survivor side, these two are outdated character rigs with strange anatomy, "how bones and joints move" and unappealing baked in shadows on clothing especially white clothes.

The baked in shadows on character models have buged me for a long time, since starting DBD, but I will use the one example and character that bugs me in both things, on the character model of Cheryl Mason "aka Heather" there is an excessive amount of baked in shadows on her white vest which makes it unappealing, along with some small missing details such as a button on her vests collar, and the vests seam lines on the back look strange and unfinished, all of which were seen in the reveal trailer so they know what they left out. Now I will only briefly mention the character rig, as it is the same for all survivors. Whenever doing any action as Cheryl her shoulders seem to dislocate and cause her vest to clip through herself.

:note they need to fix the vest, it shouldn't move like that or be connected directly to the shoulder as if it were skin, it should be treated as a loose-ish cloth allowing the arm to move without everything looking unnatural.:

every female survivor with vests or tank tops in-game have this issue, and it is partly caused by the outdated and re-used character rig for all female survivors, :this apply's for all male survivors too: I hope for these two small but vary bothersome issues to be resolved in the future, possibly once all the graphics updates are done.

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