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BHVR why are so you so obessed with cooldowns?!

Visionary would already be a meh perk at best, but where is there a cooldown?! Same with blood pact, why is it a long cooldown for a short effect AND being a Hex.?

Hell, if Make Your Choice came out today it would be on cooldown. MYC's cooldown IS the perk's effect, it's not something separate from the exposed timer like Dragon's Breath is.

I'm not expecting these perks to be changed PTB post release (except Gearhead which got nerfed lmao), but this obsession of cooldowns and added things to make perks worse is the reason people run the same perks. I don;t even mean meta perks, I find those boring. For fun meme or dedicated builds, alot of new perks just don't even fit there too with how many cooldowns and handicaps are on them.

I'm not saying cooldowns are a bad thing, so many perks like Thrilling Tremors would be just overpowered without them, but at the same time many of them that do have cooldowns are either wayyyy to long or just unneeded



  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    Its a.. balance thing? I guess?

  • herrik666herrik666 Member Posts: 191

    I think some of them might be so that it's easier to make different tiers of said perk. But yeah that doesn't take from the fact that a lot of them are incredibly unnecessary.

  • BuckobenBuckoben Member Posts: 348

    I expect cool downs to add-ons at this rate. Unironically.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 3,409

    Simple, they have, a bhvr problem.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,503

    It is the easiest way to put a forced skill ceiling on killers and hold them back no matter the players skill.

  • BuckobenBuckoben Member Posts: 348
    edited August 2020

    It's worse then I thought. I don't touch nurse that explains why I didn't know.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    That's why people only use double CD in nurse. Her new addons are mostly hindering or simply do nothing.

  • ChekitaChekita Member Posts: 181

    It seems like they fear too much that any perk became a new good perk or meta perk, meaning: they changed anything in the current ballance. So they put very long cooldowns to make sure any meaningfull effect is lost on new perks.

    I understand this game is hard to balance, but I dont think they should fear changes to the balance so much. IF things get too unbalanced, make other changes, revert back, etc. At this point it seems there are things that are not even being tested for fear of any changes.

    And agreed. Think about perks like Surge... which I dont think I ever played against a killer using it btw. Why does it need a cooldown? And if it has, it simply doesnt make sense 60s or 30s for that matter.

  • BuckobenBuckoben Member Posts: 348

    What also gets me about surge is that. If a gen is already kicked I am 90% sure the perk does nothing. So why even bother with a cool down if you can't kick a gen twice.

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 1,285
    edited August 2020

    Dragon's grip has 3 cooldowns. Shout out to space coconut

  • OpexOpex Member Posts: 264

    They did exact that to nurse 10 months ago xD. Her original cooldown was her fatigue stun, and they add a cooldown ONTOP of the cooldown.

  • OpexOpex Member Posts: 264

    I mean they are adding a lot of cooldowns, and it feels like they keep adding cooldowns to every killer. Usually they are used for balancing issues but BHVR is just adding a cooldown on EVERYTHING. Its totally not needed for most of the times and even if it is needed. The game is suppost to be fun, cooldowns are just unfun to play. It is just a lazy way to fix things like: yea I dont care let me just add a cooldown and its fine. I just think BHVR is kinda lazy.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 4,091

    I love how now theres a cooldown on a hex which can get cleansed in like a minute. And that is pretty much useless anyway.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962

    They hired people who didn't know anything about the game until they started at the company and let those people change the game according to what other games do in regards to lazy fixes and ill-conceived concepts.

    They're running out of ideas and because of that the perks are only going to get worse as the devs continue to copy and tweak perks that are already in the game.

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 1,285
    edited August 2020
  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    Yeah, like why does the spirit's power have a cooldown.

    Shes a ######### spirit! She has to wait to use her power?


  • Customapple0Customapple0 Member Posts: 629

    Maybe because it’s an ideal way to balance?

    Imagine if surge could constantly be spammed, you’d get no gens done.

    Or constant Trail of Torment just by kicking gens, effectively making stealth killers pointless.

    Granted, some cool downs are a lot longer than they should be on some perks but that doesn’t mean cooldowns should just be deleted from the game.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,906

    Surge doesn't need a cooldown since surged gens are immune to surge.

  • MercêsMercês Member Posts: 320

    From a developer/programmer perspective, cooldowns is the cheapest /easiest way to balance something.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,532

    You could get a decent amoumt of progress off a gen with no cooldown surge if someone stays on a gen and keeps repairing it to revert the regression as their three teammates get downed one after another nearby.

    Trail of torment without cooldown and without the aura wouldn't make stealth killers obsolete. You would probably start to see it in about 1/15 matches instead of never because it seems designed to be a meme perk in its current state.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696
    edited August 2020

    Lol why is this forum so obsessed with cooldowns? When you're trying to balance abilities, you can either make all abilities have similar strength, or you can add conditions necessary to activate the stronger abilities. A cooldown is one such condition; you need to wait X seconds before activating your ability again. I think cooldowns are a good thing, actually, because they allow for the devs to make abilities with stronger effects without them destroying game balance. Like, can you imagine Sprint Burst if there were no cooldown? What about Bubba perpetually chainsawing at 130% movement speed? What about Ghost Face instantly re-stealthing after being broken out so he'd effectively have permanent Undetectable? Any of these things would of course be ridiculous. The cooldown is there to balance out these abilities' strength. If there were no cooldowns, these abilities would not be nearly as strong. Sprint Burst might be like a passive 1-2% movement speed boost, for example. Bubba's chainsaw sprint might be like 110% speed and wouldn't instadown survivors. Etc. etc.

    With that said, I do think that some cooldowns present in the game today need to be changed or removed. Like, are we seriously going to allow Spine Chill to be active 100% of the time but give Premonition a 30 second cooldown? One of them should be changed. Is it really necessary to have a 40 second cooldown in between Blood Favor uses while it's also a Hex and doesn't seem that strong with the current radius and duration? Why does Any Means Necessary have a 120 second cooldown? As is you'll probably stand up one or two pallets per match, and if the killer breaks them regularly it's already a dead perk slot.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,532

    They don't just put cooldowns on stronger perks though, they put them on everything they can now. Surge doesn't need a cooldown, nor does zanshin tactics, or visionary, or a lot of the newer ones.

  • Falkner09Falkner09 Member Posts: 347

    because the creators dont really play or understand their game at all. you can tell from the comments they make explaining things, and the rare times they play on stream make it clear they are new to it at best.

    Look at the perks that are no good, which is most perks. now ask yourself: would this seem like a good idea to a person who's watched the game get played, but didn't actually play themselves? You'll find that usually, the answer is yes. such a person would think that Surge etc. is a good idea.

    the same thing happened during Legion's first round of nerfs. they reworked the Bleedout timer so instead of not going down in chases, it wouldn't go down while in the Terror radius. That way, Legion couldn't just abuse the mechanic by moonwalking. So then they suddenly decided the Pig's RBTs should do the same thing. why? they arent similar powers at all, and for the pig to abuse Moonwalking, she has to throw the game by doing it for more than 2 minutes. so the community uproar was just enough to ge them to revert that nerf.

    and then look at how they treat perks that apply a debuff when a survivor is hit, like Sloppy Butcher, Franklin's etc.. they're obsessed with this idea that these should not work when the damage is done by a killer's power. Why? why is the Pig's dash or Legion's stab the same as a chainsaw? And why do chainsaws not apply Franklin's, when that's literally what happens in the scenes the perk references? why is Franklin's even the same as Sloppy or third seal?

    none of it makes sense. it's all just arbitrarily made up by watchers, not players, who pretend to understand the game.

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