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  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491

    killer perks:

    •Sacred Pact: You take advantage of the bonds of other survivors to exposed each other.

    +After putting a survivor into the dying health state from the injured health state, all other survivors are revealed to you for 3 seconds. Any survivor that is not revealed from this perk will suffer the exposed status effect for 15/20/25 seconds. This perk has a 90 second cool down.

    ”Reveal yourself to me, for your comrade falls . Forsaken by your hand.”

    •Alms: Sacrifice your own for the help of the lord.

    +You are able to break any totem within a 5 second time period. After breaking a totem, all generators and pallets are blocked for 30/45/60 seconds. Generators blocked will not regress and any survivor working on one are kicked off. This perk has a 80 second cool down.

    •A sign: The world will show you the way.

    +When any survivor is running for longer 30/25/20 seconds out side of a chase, a crow will begin following them. The crow will give you both visual and audio alerts every 10 seconds. This crow will persist after the survivor stops running for 20 seconds.

    ”I submit myself to the will of my lord. He sends his messagers to deliver me.”

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491
    edited September 2020

    •Hex: Playground- This world is your domain. It abides by your rules.

    +All but 5 windows and other vault points, besides pallets, are blocked by the entity. The aura of these open vault points are revealed to you. Whenever a generator is repaired, the locations of said open vault points are moved randomly. This effect will persist as long as the associated hex totem remains. If this hex is cleansed, all vault points, including pallets, are blocked by the entity for 80/100/120 seconds.

    “Only I make the rules here.”

    Author’s note: Imagine this hex with undying and brutal strength, loops and shack would get an extra difficulty.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491


    •A Slow Struggle: You are more aware of the prey you hunt. Their quietest movements still will not go missed.

    +When a survivor is walking, they will now leave phantom scratch marks that last half as long than regular scratch marks and are very much less prominent. The same marks will appear when the survivor slow vaults and if you are within a 20/25/30 meter radius, you will receive a short visual indication of the action (akin to fast vaulting except no sound and the notification is shorter).

    “Slow or fast. I will still track you down.”


    •Tiptoe: You weird walking habits have somehow proved useful in hiding your tracks.

    +While running, you no longer produce normal scratch marks. Instead, you will produce phantom scratch marks that last half as long as regular scratch marks and are very much less prominent (In any other case, you will not produce scratch marks [counters a slow struggle]). While rush vaulting, you decrease the sound of the vault by 50% and have a 50/60/70% chance to not alert the killer of the action.

    ”Walking on the balls of my feet is my only trained skill, I know it’s weird.”

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 525

    Feel the Power: Survivor perk, after a generator is finished being repaired you are invulnerable to attacks for 5/7/10 seconds.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491


    •Outlast: You will continue on even if you do it alone.

    +When another survivor enters the dying health state within a 20/30/40 meter radius from you, this perk will activate. After 25 seconds of activation, you will gain one health state.

    ”I will overcome my despair”

    •Live on Without Me: You know that your life can save others, a sacrifice worth it all.

    +If you enter the dying health state, all survivors within a 40/50/60 meter radius will be healed by one health state after 18 seconds. If while you remain in the dying health state, all survivors auras will be revealed to each other.

    ”Go on! I’ll be the distraction for you all!”

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 743

    Still working on my perk making skills, so I made 2 new ones based off 2 of my favorite songs. So if anyone wanna criticize me, please go ahead.

  • sswhoney1sswhoney1 Member Posts: 3

    Any survivors that aren't working on a generator or healing another survivor in two minute period are exposed to avoid hatch match hostage play

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 1,871

    Got a few concepts in my mind:

    Survivor perks:

    1. Walk 10% slower, but be immune to Killer Instinct while you walk.
    2. When downed while still having the Deep Wound status effect, be send as far away from any hook as possible and become the obsession, one use only, disables DS if used(also gives a lot of terrible survivor perks a use).
    3. For everytime you stun the killer, gain a stackable 0.5-1% haste effect.

    Killer perks:

    1. If you down a survivor within the unsafe unhook timer, expose and exhaust the survivor who unsafely unhooked said survivor for 60 seconds.
    2. After breaking a wooden door or a pallet(as soon as you can move again), gain 10% haste effect for 3 seconds, gets ended pre-maturely when using m2.
    3. Increase lunge range with 15%, but increase missed cooldown animation by 20%.
    4. For every generator standing(physical generators in the map, not amount of generators that need to be fixed), gain a 5% decrease on generator repair speeds, generators start regressing normally once they are let go(to not be compatible with Pop, while being compatible with Ruin).
    5. Hex totem: Everytime a survivor heals fully within your terror radius, they gain the exposed status effect, this is unbenownst to the survivor untill they get hit. The hex isnt applied to unaffected survivors.

  • Komrad_KarnageKomrad_Karnage Member Posts: 4,080
    edited September 2020

    Killer: Absolution

    Your Terror radius is 0. Survivors recover instantly from Exhaustion when exiting a Chase.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 620
    edited September 2020


    After missing an attack, gain a token, after hitting a survivor while you have a token, gain a 5% movement speed boost for 4/6/8 seconds and lose a token

    Maximum of 5 tokens

    Sound the alarm

    While you're in a chase all other survivors see your aura for as long as the chase persists, as long as you remain uninjured and are in the killer's terror radius, you gain a 1/2/3% speed increase to all actions

  • Hex: decoy

    At the start of the trial an additional 1/2/3 fake hex totems spawn into the trial, up to a total of 8 totems, while these fake hex totems remain in the trial, all other hex totems appear as dull

  • Last stand

    Activatable perk, If you're injured, the next hook you would receive would sacrifice you, and all generators are completed, last stand activates, upon activation, you trigger a loud noise notification at your current location, become exposed and have your aura revealed to the killer at all times, you unhook other survivors 100% faster, decisive strike deactivates and while in a chase you may turn around and try to ram the killer, stunning them for 3/4/5 seconds, the ram has a single use

  • ixenrohixenroh Member Posts: 2

    I thought of a few that would make some current less-popular perks a lot better!..

    Lock & Key (Survivor perk) - Synergizes with Left Behind and Plunderer's Instinct

    "Finding yourself in a grave situation, you decide to take the alternative way out. Once the exit gates are powered and you are the last survivor alive, the item in 1/2/3 unopened chests gets replaced by a Dull Key. If only one or no chests are left unopened, they reset so that 1/2/3 closed chests are available."

    Focus (Survivor Perk) - Synergizes with Object of Obsession + Sole Survivor

    "You focus grows in stressful situations, granting you an additive 3/4/5% bonus to repair speed for every remaining generator until power gates are powered, per sacrificed survivor"

    What this mean is, if there are 2 sacrificed survivors and 3 generators left, you will have a 2*3*5% bonus to repair. That's 30%. It may be a little OP but it helps save the game in desperate situations.

    Dark Invervention (Killer Perk)

    "Whenever 2 generators are completed within 3/6/10 seconds of one-another, the entity blocks all unworked generators for 10/15/20 seconds. Those generator that are being worked on receive a penalty, reducing repair speed by 3/5/8% for each living survivor for the same duration."

    Unlike Thrilling Tremors, this doesn't highlight blocked generators, but gives the killer some opportunity to mitigate gen-rush builds.

    Make Way (Killer Perk) - Synergizes with Mad Grit

    "While carrying a survivor, hitting another survivor instantly puts them into a dying state. Your focus on delivery lethal strikes however loosens your grip on the survivor. Whenever you miss an attack while carrying a survivor, you are stunned for 2.5/2/1.5 seconds, letting the survivor escape. Whenever you do successfully hit a survivor, the carried survivor's wiggle progression increases by 35/30/25%"

    While this perk is strong it's also dangerous to the killer. It is very useful if 2 or more survivors are blocking your path to a hook, and Mad Grit powers it up even more.. but even with Mad Grit, it's not unstoppable, as downing 3 survivors if the progression was at least 25% would allow the survivor to get away. This is mainly so that a survivor can attempt to save another that is on his third hook, by potentially Dead Harding or taking the hit so that the other survivor can get away if they wiggled enough, trading hooks. For this I don't think it's overpowered.

  • ixenrohixenroh Member Posts: 2

    I don't think this would pass but I love the idea xD Though 5 seconds is way too long. They killer already wastes his time by carrying off a fake survivor. I would only make it stun the killer for 2 seconds whenever the killer hits the clone, without picking them up from the gen. And also would make it a 1-time use perk. or an exhaustion perk.

  • ArtichaArticha Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2020

    sec — seconds

    p — points

    t — token

    K — Killer

    S — Survivor

    [Message to devs]

    BloodLust (K): Every injured or dying survivor increase your speed by 1%

    Engineer experience (S): Earn 1 token after repairing generator for {20/15/10}secs, up to {6/8/10}. Each token increase repairing speed by {4/5/6}%. Taking a hit will make you lose 3 tokens (Can increase efficiency if using toolboxes, similiar to med-kits using self-care)

    Mechanic ears (K): Generators repairing and idling sound are{25/50/75} (So killers can determine level of completeness at higher distance)

    Memory (S): Your memory has never let you down. You memorize every important detail.

    When a killer belongings in {3/4/5} meteres of you, their aura highlighted for you. (Highlighted time can be limited)

    Shared feelings (S): Obsession shares heartbeat with you.

    Once per Trial, when obsession getting healed, you heal 1 state. Can be reactivated, if you are healthy and heals 1 state of obsession.

    If you are the obsession, Shared feelings deactivates.

    Reduces the odds if being the obsession.

    ~ (S): If you obsession, after being unhooked, any damage taken that would put the rescuer survivor into the Dying State will instead apply the Deep Wound.

    Swift (S): Your hope to escape increases your speed.

    Each fast vault during chase grants 1 token, up to {6/8/10}. Each token increases vaulting speed by 2%. Each medium vault during chase took 2 tokens.

    Healing work (S): Your are so focused on work, that you forgot about pain. Repairing generators for {120/100/80}secs heal 1 state. When not repairing a generator, decreasing points(seconds, required to heal) by 1p/{4/3/2}sec

    Chase master (S): Every 10secs in chase grants 1 token, up to 6/8/10 tokens. Every token increases your speed by 1%. Every gained hit will consume 3 tokens. When not in chase, after a cooldown of {20/25/30}seconds (if chase didn't start again) lose all tokens

    Details scavenger (S): [Maximum {60/80/100}charges, each charge repair 1% of item. 3%/s. Difference with built to last, that u need 33seconds to repair 99% of any item. Losting time] You save every detail, that you find along the way. You can repair any item up to 100%.

    Brutal nature (K): Each time you break pallet/break wall/damage generator, increase break pallet/break wall/damage generator speed by 1% up to 30% [With tokens?]

    ~ (S): When u fall near dying survivor, prevent this survivor from picking for 60seconds

  • IndigouaIndigoua Member Posts: 2

    Killer perks :

    Desperate measures : After 80/70/60 seconds of not being in a chase, gain the undetectable status efect and 2/3/4 % movement speed. Lasts for 3 seconds after entering a chase or until you perform a basic attack.

    (Idk what the name should be) : You become obsessed with one survivor : Upon hitting the obssession, all survivors who are not the obssession suffer from the exposed effect for 10/15/20 seconds. 120/110/100 seconds of cooldown.

    Or, same perk except all survivors who are not the obssession suffer from the blind and oblivious status effect for 40/50/60 seconds instead. Cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds.

  • B_RandomB_Random Member Posts: 340

    Killer Perks:

    Claustrophobia: Any survivor that enters a locker will be trapped in the locker for 5/10/15 seconds if the killer comes around 10 meters of said locker, the killer cannot open the locker until the time is up. Slow vaults into lockers and slow exits will also send the killer a sound notification.

    Paranoia: If a killer lets a survivor go after a chase, for 40/50/60 seconds and said survivor assists other survivors in any coop action, they will be unable to complete 1/2/3 skill checks and any progress made on either gens or healing will have regressed by 10% and give off a sound notification.

    Ghoulish Delights: If a generator is left unfinished for 40/30/20 seconds by survivors and is not regressing from any other perks, the generator will have shadowy ghoulish figures fiddling with the generator regressing it by 10% and for each shadowy figure (4 at max), the regression will multiply. Gens with this effect will be highlighted by the killer in a white aura for 10 seconds and will be highlighted to survivors in a red aura for 8 seconds; the regression will stop until a survivor interacts with a generator. If an exit gate is left unfinished for 15/10/5 seconds as well, a shadowy figure will start to regress it's progress by 20% until a survivor interacts with the exit gate lever again.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491
    edited September 2020

    •Determined- Even your weakest state, you’re still useful.

    +When you are put into the dying health state, you crawl on your arms and legs instead on your stomach. In this state, you move 25% faster and, when picked up, struggle 100% faster. This perk has a 160/140/120 second cool down.

    “With broken bones, she stood and stared back at the darkness. A cruel mistress that carried dark passion.”

    PS: Since your not technically crawling tenacity will not stack, but boil over and flip-flop will. Also you’re more visible by the killer since you’re not lying flat on the floor.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,619

    Yeah, was jus a draft of an idea, really.

    Wanted to see sth a bit different from the usual.

    All suggestions are welcome to help make these perks better tho, for sure!

    It’s all about collaboration.

    Great additions you’ve suggested! Thx😊

  • Komrad_KarnageKomrad_Karnage Member Posts: 4,080

    Killer: Toxic Association

    While in a Chase with the Obsession, you see the aura of all other Survivors.

  • TheCoolDBDGamerTheCoolDBDGamer Member Posts: 92
    edited September 2020

    Hex: Denied

    After all Generators are powered, a random (uncleansed) Dull Totem becomes active.Survivors cannot open the Exit Gates and cannot open the Hatch and cannot leave via the Hatch until the dull totem that randomly become active Hex Totem is cleansed.

    This will help aid with genrush, NOED will need to be removed/nerfed before this perk comes into the game.

    Tilted Chasing

    While chasing a Survivor for more than a minute all Generators are blocked and cannot be repaired until you are done chasing and down that particular Survivor.

    Hex: Entity is Pleased.

    After all Generators are complete all survivors suffer from the Exhausted, Broken, and Blindness, Deep Wounds, and Exposed and Hemmorhage and Infected and Madness and Mangled until the related Hex Totem is no longer standing. It only activates a Dull Totem with this perks hex power after all generators are done. Completely deactivates after the hex totem is cleansed.

    Fierce Trial:

    When the trial starts Survivors suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 120 seconds(The counter to this perk is for the survivors to hide and not get found for 120 seconds.) Makes it more of a thriller game.

    Survivor Hex: Guaranteed Escape

    Survivors can now light their own hex totem explicitly for this perk. At the start of a trial a dull totem becomes a Survivor Hex.

    Survivors suffer from a +5% movement speed buff until the Killer breaks the Survivor's hex totem.

    Post edited by TheCoolDBDGamer on
  • Survivor perks:

    Stamina-Recover from the Exhausted status effect while running at 40%/50%/60% of the usual speed

    Lust for Life-After being in a chase for 30 seconds gain a 5% haste every 17 seconds. After breaking the chase, a 150/135/120 seconds cooldown will ensue/the exhausted status effect (not sure yet)

    Sneaky-the audio notifications recieved by the killers are delayed by 3/4/5 seconds

    Killer perks:

    Hex: The One That Got Away-You become obsessed with one survivor. Every time you hook the obsession, see the aura of all other survivors. The obsession can only die on hook (or be killed by the killer's hands) if all generators are completed, he/she is the only remaining survivor or the related totem is cleansed

    Hex: Lover-Two survivors are tied. When hitting one of them, the other also becomes injured. When downing one, the other one recieves the deep wound status effect. When one survivor died, the other is afflicted with the broken status effect. The two survivors are unbonded when the related totem is cleansed

  • TrwthTrwth Member Posts: 861

    (Killer) Hex: Martyrdom

    A hex that harnesses the wrath of the Entity.

    You become obsessed with one Survivor.

    After hooking the obsession 3 times, a 80/70/60-second countdown begins and two dull totems in the trial inherit Martyrdom. If either of the totems are not cleansed before the timer depletes, the Entity will lash out and injure all healthy Survivors.

    The remaining hex totems return to their dull state if Martyrdom takes effect or is cleansed.

    Martyrdom permanently deactivates if there are less than two available dull totems in the trial.

    • The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

    (Survivor) Take The Heat

    You’re willing to throw yourself into the fray as long as you have your buddies to back you up.

    While you are the obsession and being chased, the Killer’s terror radius is increased by 8 meters.

    All Survivors within the Killer’s terror radius while you are in a chase have their skill chance trigger odds increased by 25% and Great Skill Check success zones increased by 10%/20%/30%.

    • Increases your chances of becoming the Killer’s obsession.
    • The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
  • PiratePirate Member Posts: 415

    Here inclusive Killer, Survivor, Trailer, 3 Perks each and Perk Icons:

  • PIckleLion666PIckleLion666 Member Posts: 1

    Killer perk: Forced Conflict

    Your confrontational nature makes survivors face their fears, and anchor them to their mistakes.

    After a survivor throws two pallets without stunning the killer the next time that survivor throws a pallet without stunning you this perk activates, while active the killer moves 3 percent slower And the survivor cannot move more than 10m away from the pallet until it is kicked or 15 seconds pass, at which point the pallet breaks itself. While you have this perk equipped all stuns last 40% longer.

    I made this perk wanting some kind of reverse spirit fury, something which punished survivors for not stunning the killer. I feel like this would usually play out by someone who kept pre-dropping pallets forced to play whatever tile that they had dropped Their anchoring pallet on, the killer having a small Nerf to speed giving the survivor more of a chance on supper [BAD WORD] tiles. Alternatively survivors when get chained to a pallet you can leave them there and then go try to pressure other survivors. Considering this perk punishes survivors for not stunning you I felt it would be interesting if you give them a reward via a longer killer stun for them hitting you with a pallet this is also in place because enduring and sprit furry exist.

    furthermore, I don’t think this is especially good perk I just think it’s Fun.

  • R52GR52G Member Posts: 256


    Confidence: Some call it arrogance, you call it confidence.                    

     When repairing a generator alone for at least 30 seconds, Confidence activates. When active, you see the auras of all survivors for 5/6/7 seconds and you see the aura of the killer for 8/9/10 seconds. Confidence is only active until the survivor stops repairing the generator.

    Sorority Sisters: You need your allies around you a lot more than you’ll ever admit.                              When unhooking another survivor, Sorority Sisters activates and the hook or cage timer is paused at wherever it is at. When active, if an unhooked survivor is put into the dying state and is put into a hook or cage again within 50/60/70 seconds, the timer will resume where it was at before the survivor was unhooked or uncaged before. Sorority Sisters can only be used once on one survivor per trial.

    Secrets: You’re able to keep very quiet in desperate times.                 

    When within 20/25/30 meters of the killer, all of your actions will become 50% quieter for 30 seconds. Secrets has a cooldown of 30 seconds once used.

    In Charge: Your years of experience have led you to be able to make great progress within a team despite the odds you encounter.                     When within 10 meters of at least 1 other survivor and in the killer’s terror radius, In Charge activates. When active, gain a 5/10/15% speed boost to any altruism actions when within within the killer’s terror radius.

    Not in my Movie: You aren’t afraid to face a killer in an attempt to thwart them.            After repairing a generator while injured for at least 50 seconds, Not in my Movie activates. The next time you are chased by the killer for 30/25/20 seconds, Title will instantly heal you if you are not put into the dying state within the chase with a killer. If the killer ends the chase by leaving you or by putting you into the dying state before you can be healed, Not in my Movie deactivates until you repair another generator for at least 50 seconds. Title deactivates completely once all generators are repaired.

    One Last Scare:

    You always expect that one last scare to happen shortly before the end of it all.                      

       After unhooking another Survivor after the start of the endgame collapse, One Last Scare activates for 4/5/6 seconds. During this time, if a hit from the killer would put you into the dying state, it will be ignored and you will be put into the deep wound state. You must mend before entering the exit gates or you will enter into the dying state and the killer will be notified of your location. One Last Scare will only activate if you are in the injured state before the hooked survivor is unhooked.

    Not Today: You don’t take crap from those who attempt to hurt you.

    Once per trial, when the killer attempts to pick you up from the dying state, press the active ability button and the killer will be kicked and will experience the stun affect for 5 seconds. Once used, Not Today deactivates for the rest of the trial.

    Weird Vibes: Your environment can help you when you know something is wrong.                           When in the killer’s terror radius, Weird Vibes activates. For 12/14/16 seconds, if a survivor hides in a locker within the killer’s terror radius they will see the auras of all survivors and the killer within the trial.                           Weird Vibes has a cooldown of 50/45/40 seconds before it can be activated again. Weird Vibesincreases your odds of being the obsession.

    Plugged Up: You anticipate the worst when you see the killer, but you still do the best you can with what you got.                          When unhooking a survivor in the killer’s terror radius; the closest 4 vault locations,                           including breakable pallets and breakable walls, will be inaccesible to the killer for 10/15/20 seconds.


    ReminiscentYou remember a person, especially when they have wronged you.                                  If a survivor stuns you, Reminiscent activates. When the survivor is hooked and escapes the hook by any means, Reminiscent reveals the survivors aura for 6/7/8 seconds.

    Hex: VengeanceYour hatred for the survivors never ceases.             

    When at least two generators have been repaired, Hex: Vengeance activates. As long as the corresponding hex totem is still standing, all survivors are hindered with the exposed effect for 5 seconds after the generator has been fully repaired. All survivors will also experience a 30/40/50% generator repair penalty for 20 seconds if another survivor is put into the dying state due to of Hex: Vengeance.

    Prayer ClosetExternal forces are pleased with how you will do anything to please the ones that help you.             

    When a survivor is on the ground in the dying state for 20/15/10 seconds, press the activate ability button and the entity will block all sides the survivor’s path to all players in the trial for 30 seconds.                       

    Prayer Closet can only be used on the most recent survivor put into the dying state.                            

    Prayer Closet will deactivate for the affected survivor if they are able to pick themselves up from the dying state.

    Prayer Closet has a 30 second cool down once used.

  • R52GR52G Member Posts: 256

    I’ve done these before when making concept ideas for Licensed Chapters I’d love to see (such as Carrie, Scream Paragraph of Sidney Prescott and Randy Meek, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc.). If y’all want to see more don’t be afraid to HMU! 😎👍🏼

  • HodderfodderHodderfodder Member Posts: 78
    edited September 2020

    I don't have numbers on these because I'm not precise on balance. It's more to put the ideas out there. The weakness of some killer perks that make skill checks harder is that this hurts newer players while higher ranked players can often hit checks with any difficulty. These killer perks are focused on getting past that with simple auto-fail mechanics, or using successful checks against the survivors.


    Hex: Suffer For Success

    While this curse is active, any successful skill check causes the survivor to scream, revealing their location for 3 seconds.

    Lingering Agony

    For the next X seconds after being hit by a basic attack, the survivor's next skill check to repair, heal or sabotage will automatically fail and cause an additional Y% regression penalty. Lingering Pain has a cooldown of Z seconds.

    Sadist's Defense

    You become obsessed with one survivor. Hitting the obsession causes any survivor currently repairing, healing or sabotaging to instantly fail a skill check. Sadist's Defense has a cooldown of X seconds.

    Balance: Trying to create a Surge-like perk that triggers similar to Dark Devotion. Surge has the benefit of making gens begin to regress, and works when any survivor goes down. This perk has no range and will cause healing failures as well, but can only trigger when hitting the obsession.


    False Trail

    When crouched and the Active Ability button is pressed, a trail of scratchmarks extends x meters in the direction the survivor is facing. False Trail has a cooldown of Y seconds.

    Final Effort

    When the survivor is hooked, gain a token. With two tokens, the survivor can use the Active Ability button to receive a X% speed boost to repairing, healing and sabotages for Y seconds.

    Balance: A one-time buff isn't a bad thing, especially when it can only trigger when the survivor will die on their next hook. It could be changed so that a survivor who isn't rescued before going into struggle also gets their tokens, but on the other hand that could still be a downside (see: Deliverance as example of perk just not working). PH cages ignore this perk, but that's nothing new.

  • MasterninjaMasterninja Member Posts: 245

    Wall up: you gain the ability to improve the structures of pallets and breakable walls, when you are close press the ability button to reinforce during 5 seconds. When the killers tries to destroy a reinforce pallet, the breaking time will last 10% more and with a breakable wall will be 50% more. Cooldown of 50/40/30 seconds.

    (You also can make this action with toolboxes: reinforce a pallet or a breakable wall requires 5 charges) The best toolboxes for this action are: Worn-Out ToolsToolbox and Commodious Toolbox.

    Counterattack: when the killer hits you, the perk activates during 20/25/30 seconds, in that time when you manage to stun the killer with a pallet, the stun will last 60% more.

    Without fear: you and the killer can't see the aura of the other during the whole match. You don't hear the terror radius from any killer, but when you are in a radius of 16/18/20 meters from the killer your scratchmarks are 50% less visible. You can't suffer the Exposed status effect. The perk grants +100% more of bloodpoints in the audacity category.

  • GogoniboxGogonibox Member Posts: 1

    You cant be safe forever: After being stunned by a pallet, all pallets and vault spots within 16 meters of the dropped pallet are blocked for 8 seconds after the stun expires. This effect has a cooldown of 100/80/60 seconds.

    This will prevent really long chases but still possible to prevent by surviviors

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