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  • HodderfodderHodderfodder Member Posts: 74
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    I don't have numbers on these because I'm not precise on balance. It's more to put the ideas out there. The weakness of some killer perks that make skill checks harder is that this hurts newer players while higher ranked players can often hit checks with any difficulty. These killer perks are focused on getting past that with simple auto-fail mechanics, or using successful checks against the survivors.


    Hex: Suffer For Success

    While this curse is active, any successful skill check causes the survivor to scream, revealing their location for 3 seconds.

    Lingering Agony

    For the next X seconds after being hit by a basic attack, the survivor's next skill check to repair, heal or sabotage will automatically fail and cause an additional Y% regression penalty. Lingering Pain has a cooldown of Z seconds.

    Sadist's Defense

    You become obsessed with one survivor. Hitting the obsession causes any survivor currently repairing, healing or sabotaging to instantly fail a skill check. Sadist's Defense has a cooldown of X seconds.

    Balance: Trying to create a Surge-like perk that triggers similar to Dark Devotion. Surge has the benefit of making gens begin to regress, and works when any survivor goes down. This perk has no range and will cause healing failures as well, but can only trigger when hitting the obsession.


    False Trail

    When crouched and the Active Ability button is pressed, a trail of scratchmarks extends x meters in the direction the survivor is facing. False Trail has a cooldown of Y seconds.

    Final Effort

    When the survivor is hooked, gain a token. With two tokens, the survivor can use the Active Ability button to receive a X% speed boost to repairing, healing and sabotages for Y seconds.

    Balance: A one-time buff isn't a bad thing, especially when it can only trigger when the survivor will die on their next hook. It could be changed so that a survivor who isn't rescued before going into struggle also gets their tokens, but on the other hand that could still be a downside (see: Deliverance as example of perk just not working). PH cages ignore this perk, but that's nothing new.

  • MasterninjaMasterninja Member Posts: 79

    Wall up: you gain the ability to improve the structures of pallets and breakable walls, when you are close press the ability button to reinforce during 5 seconds. When the killers tries to destroy a reinforce pallet, the breaking time will last 10% more and with a breakable wall will be 50% more. Cooldown of 50/40/30 seconds.

    (You also can make this action with toolboxes: reinforce a pallet or a breakable wall requires 5 charges) The best toolboxes for this action are: Worn-Out ToolsToolbox and Commodious Toolbox.

    Counterattack: when the killer hits you, the perk activates during 20/25/30 seconds, in that time when you manage to stun the killer with a pallet, the stun will last 60% more.

    Without fear: you and the killer can't see the aura of the other during the whole match. You don't hear the terror radius from any killer, but when you are in a radius of 16/18/20 meters from the killer your scratchmarks are 50% less visible. You can't suffer the Exposed status effect. The perk grants +100% more of bloodpoints in the audacity category.

  • GogoniboxGogonibox Member Posts: 1

    You cant be safe forever: After being stunned by a pallet, all pallets and vault spots within 16 meters of the dropped pallet are blocked for 8 seconds after the stun expires. This effect has a cooldown of 100/80/60 seconds.

    This will prevent really long chases but still possible to prevent by surviviors

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,835


    Malicious shroud : at the start of the match for 80s or until your first chase/hit/down, gain the undetectable status effect. Upon hooking a survivor gain the undetectable status effect for 16s.

    Hex : From the shadows : as long as this hex is standing, you have the undetectable status effect.


    Alluring cry : when outside of 16m of other survivors gain the ability to scream using the action key. Screaming reveals your location and grants the oblivious status effect, but boosts action speeds by 15% for 10s. This effect goes on cool down for 60s

    Camouflage : your aura is hidden when crouching. When crouching completely still, emit no sound.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 937

    Bringing these over from a different thread I'd originally suggested them in that unfortunately seems to have disappeared into the Fog (I'm so glad I save backups of my ideas to my computer). That thread had asked about possible perk ideas if a Chapter ever occurred for The Shining.

    • All Work and No Play: No matter how many obstacles they place in your path, you will still catch your prey.
    • Every time you kick a generator or break a pallet or wall, increase your movement speed by 1/2/3% for 20 seconds. All Work and No Play has a cooldown of 10 seconds and does not stack with other movement speed increases.

    "Here's Johnny!" - Jack Torrence.

    • Twinsanity: Powers beyond your understanding have loosened your grip on reality, but are you or your foes the more deluded?
    • Every 30 seconds that you chase a survivor, gain a token up to a maximum of 2/2/3. While standing still, press the active ability button to consume one token and create a Husk identical in appearance to your killer which will last for 6/8/10 seconds.
    • The Husk has no terror radius, red stain, or collision, but it's aura can be read by survivors. Survivors who pass through the Husk will scream and reveal their location to the killer for 3 seconds.

    "Come and play with us." -The Grady Twins.

    • Caretaker: No matter how fierce the storm, you will weather it and remain here.
    • Any time that the survivors finish a generator, a fake terror radius of 16/20/24m will be applied to all generators in the map for 15 seconds. Survivors within 8m of the finished gen will suffer from a 10% hindered penalty for 15 seconds.
    • If all generators were powered during a trial, you can see exit gate progress based on switch aura intensity and gate progress will regress at 100% the repair regression rate when a survivor is not interacting with a switchbox. Gate progress is 'saved' at each exit light; the gate's progress will not regress below the point when this light activated (25, 50, and 75%, respectively).

    "Some places are like people: some shine and some don't." - Dick Hallorann

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60
    edited September 2020

    Hello fellow survivors, killers and Neas! After a long time I revisited some of my older perk ideas and changed them as well as made them look cool! Of course, I came up with several more perk ideas and tossed out some other ones I didn't like anymore lol. So here are all of my ideas so far! (Im kinda running out of ideas at this point lmao). Comment below what you think of them and which ones are your favorite! :3 (Once again, Im not a pro at balancing but I tried my best! :3)

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  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Yeah...thats a no lmao. Having the power to completely negate 100% of a gen AND block all gens for 60 SECONDS is way too strong. But, interesting concept.

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Love the ideas and artwork Masterninja! Good job! Check out my perk ideas and comment what ya think! :3

  • HatchIsMyMercyHatchIsMyMercy Member Posts: 187
    edited September 2020

    Ok I'm just throwing a piece of paper into the hat, but i thought of one.

    Friend of Darkness

    You've always been a friend of what hides in the dark

    Activatible Perk: Press a specific button to activate, when activated the next pallet you throw will be guarded by the entity and cannot not be interacted with, (picked back up, vaulted, broken, etc.) For the next 10/15/20 seconds, with a cooldown of 150/120/90 seconds.

    "I've always had a knack for things like this, don't worry, I know what I'm doing, and what I'm messing with."- Lucifer

    I think that this isnt good but I decided to post it anyways because I want to participate, maybe change the numbers and it might be good, I'm not good at designing perks.

  • iloveuimcrazyimsorryiloveuimcrazyimsorry Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2020


    After years of experience with such a messy job, you know how to slow 'em down and just toy around.

    After hooking a survivor, you gain a token which can be used when performing using a basic attack on another survivor. When this token is consumed the affected survivor will move at a decreased movement speed of 1%/2%/3% until that survivor is next healed.

    "You figure; "I won't care, do it! Cut me open and gut me like a fish. Cut off my fingers and chew 'em in front of me. I won't care, I won't scream, I won't beg." But you will." -Evan Jennings.

  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,533
    edited September 2020

    Yeah, the gen block is mainly to prevent survivors from getting to use the buff immediately, the Aura (and additional objective) is part of the 'bargain'. Thinking back on it 60s is absolutely too long for the Aura reading, the Gen block could probably be halved (the point is the Killer uses this, and can go chase survivor(s) for a brief period of 'immunity', at the cost of increased Survivor effectiveness relatively similar to the same amount gained but slightly killer sided)

    Thinking back on it some more, it'd probably be better to simplify it, and have it synergize with other perks rather than trying to overload it with too many effects. simplifying the use case to be the following:

    The general tactic being to use this perk at 1 Gen remaining, hopefully shifting to a 3-gen (but can be used anytime before the Exit Gates are Powered if you're feeling cocky)

    Killer: Dark Bargain

    Once per match, before the Exit Gates are powered, you may Destroy a Completed Generator, regressing it to 0% and showing its Aura to Survivors in Red.

    Survivors each gain 100% repair speed until they repair the equivalent of 50% of a generator, this repair threshold is increased by 25% for each Survivor already sacrificed.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 253

    •Blood Ritual: Your blood holds mystical properties that can halt time when used correctly.

    -Each time you are hooked or caged by the killer, this perk gains one token. At the cost of a token, you are able to permanently prevent a generator from regressing for any reason. If the generator is completed, this perk will have a 120/90/60 second cool down.

    ”A family secret that holds more than just taboos.”

    •Mechanic: An engine is your speciality, a quick look should be enough.

    -11/22/33% increase to repair speed and tool box efficiency.

    “These things are so broken! Doesn’t mean I can’t fix ‘em!”

    •Track Star: Running and vaulting are things you trained for hours to perfect.

    -While heathy, receive a 10/15/20% increase to vaulting speed and 3% permanent haste effect.

    “I’m faster and more agile, I can take it!”

    •Broken Locks: Generators aren’t enough.

    -When the exit gates are powered, all totems currently still standing are lit (however any hexes that are still active remain so). To open an exit gate, the survivors must cleanse at least 2/3/4 totems. Cleansing a totem will reveal the aura of all other survivors to the killer for 5 seconds.

    “Hidden keys will make them separate, so that I can break their hope.”

    •Resurrection: You can bring back what was lost.

    -If a hex totem is cleansed, this perk will activate. This will unlock the ability to resurrect that hex by interacting with the cleansed totem. This action will take 10 seconds to perform and can only be done once per trial. The hex will retain all its stacks and will be hidden from survivors for 10/20/30 seconds before alert them once again of its existence.

    ”Broken bones and twine will bring back the life of my vile servants.”

    •Cleaved: Your cuts renders your prey defenseless and broken.

    -After successfully melee attacking a survivor, that survivor is inflicted with the broken status effect for 30/45/60 seconds and their grunts and breathing is increased considerably (50%) until healed.

    ”The pain is unbearable, the cut runs to deep.”

  • MichealMicheal Member Posts: 37
    edited September 2020

    A perk to flip off killers that makes you be seen to the killer for 30 seconds and makes you the obsession. You can press action button behind a window or pallet on front of the killer

    The name come get some or whatever you want to call it.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 253

    •Muscleman: You’re strong and can put more strength into your actions.

    -When stunning (excludes flashlight stuns) a killer, that killer is stunned for an extra 5 seconds.

    •Overweight: You’re very heavy and hard to transport.

    -When a killer picks you up, they are inflicted with a 10% hindered status effect that persists for 10/15/20 seconds after dropping/hooking you.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 253

    Before you read! I have this post to thank for the idea! <3



    •Respite: You find time to recharge your mental and emotional sanity.

    +When out of a chase and healthy, You recover from skill-based cool down periods 50/100/150% faster. Gain a 25% chance to negate a skill-based cool down.

    •Close call: When you desperately need to you can subvert your exhaustion.

    +When put into the dying health state from healthy, you instantly recover back to the healthy health state and recover from any exhaustion effect. However, this perk is only usable once per trial.


    •Eager: You can’t wait to rest.

    +When in of a chase, You recover from power-based stun and cool down periods 50/75/100% faster. However, you recover 25/25/50% slower from skill-based cool down periods.

    •Calm mind: Your patience helps you recover from more technical tasks.+When out of a chase, you recover from skilled-based cool down periods 50/75/100% faster. However, you recover 25/25/50% slower from power-based stun and cool down periods.

  • EricisFreakerEricisFreaker Member Posts: 2

    Perk idea: Indestructible

    If you were to get stunned by a pallet, indestructible activates. You will completely ignore the stun animation and the pallet will break. Indestructible can only be triggered once every 100/90/80 seconds.

  • Bulbasaur2008Bulbasaur2008 Member Posts: 79
    edited September 2020


    While it is standing it gets 3-5% decrease to repairing speed per token. It starts with 1 token, and gets 1 token more for each generator done. Well, maybe not tokens so it would have synergy with hex:undying since there is no chance to gain more tokens in late game while only 1 generator is standing, and survivors would surely hunt it.

    It would help against survivors who don't care about t-bagging near loops with a flashlight and focuses mostly on generators. It wouldn't be very helpful early game, but it would give precious time in late game - especially for that last 3-gen(which would give 15-25% penalty to repair speed while only 1 generator is left to do, to power exit gates). It could also make failed skill checks more punishing (1/2/3% more regress per tier).

  • ErroneousNameErroneousName Member Posts: 1

    Hex: Charlie Horse

    Survivers who crouch more than once within fifteen meters of the killer moan as if in pain, and are hindered for fifteen seconds.

  • BardBard Member Posts: 475


    The last generator you have kicked is marked.

    When you put a survivor into the dying state, the marked generator will explode, regressing it by 20% and putting all survivors within 2 meters of it into the injured state.

    Upon triggering its explosion, Thunderstruck goes on a 75/60/45 second cooldown before you can apply it to a generator again.

  • BreadLordBreadLord Member Posts: 144

    Behind enemy lines

    All those years studying the enemy grants you vision.

    While crouching and motionless, press the active ability button to go prone, while prone, the killers aura is revaled to you in x/x/x meters, while proned, you are counted as if you are in the dying state ( move faster with tenacity, killer can see you with deerstalker)

    press the crouch button again to get up

  • OxiTapeOxiTape Member Posts: 27

    Killer Perk: Damage Control

    Your determination to prevent progress has gained the Entity’s interest.

    When damaging a generator, press the secondary power button (LShift, LB, L1) to call upon the Entity to block the generator and causing it to regress faster. Only one generator can be blocked at a time and it has a long cool down.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 253

    These survivor perks are themed around someone who is psychic. [these are possible perks]

    •Clairvoyant: The universe reveals what is to be and never to be.

    +When cursed, you are able to see the killer’s aura within a 38/48/58 meter radius. If the the killer is looking your direction, you can see how long their ability is in cool down based on their aura’s intensity. When you aren’t cursed or are relieved of your curse, this perk deactivates.

    •Tarot Reading: You are able to predict the future of your fellow teammates giving them special insight and hope.

    +While healing another survivor, you are able to press the activate ability button. When pressed, the survivor being healed will have their aura revealed to the killer for 20/15/10 seconds but gain a 8% haste effect until injuries. After use this perk will enter a 120 second cool down period. You heal 25% faster.

    •Blood Scrying: Your Blood will lead your way to salvation, at a cost.

    +When you and another survivor(s) are injured or dying, this perk activates. Your aura and grunts are COMPLETELY hidden from the killer.

    •Saved for Last: You refuse to be the first to go.

    If the killer was to pick you up while another survivor is in the dying health state, you will receive a tremendously hard skill check and when completed, the killer will be stunned for 5 seconds. The stun has a 120 second cool down.

    •Crystal Healing: Using special stones you’ve found around during your travel, you can heal the most dire of ailments.

    +When achieving great skill checks for any action, this perk gains one token. At the cost of a token, and pressing the active ability button, you can add 15/20/25% progress towards any healing action (including mending).

    •Amulet of the Fog: You mystical knowledge enables you to condense the dark fog around campfires for your own benefit.

    +The start of the trial, this perk gains 3/4/5 tokens. When you are hit by the killer, this perk loses one token and you instead gain a few seconds of invincibility without any sustained damage from the initial attack.

  • mellydewmellydew Member Posts: 1

    perk: One Last Chance

    lets say you are the last survivor on the map and you haven’t been hooked once. One Last Chance gives you the opportunity to get free from the killers grasp after he’s downed you and it stuns him and possibly blinds him for 4/5/6 seconds. More than enough time to get away.

    another perk I’ve been thinking about to is something that would help the last survivor on the map. Let’s say that you get hooked for the first time and instead of dying instantly it’s gives you a chance to survive. I don’t have a name for this one though.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 253
    edited September 2020

    •Rooted: You’re steadfast and invincible.

    +When carrying a survivor, you are hindered (7%). However, you are unable to be stunned via pallets, lockers, and perks. Hooking a survivor provides an additional 50/100/150% blood points towards the sacrifice category.

    •Fixed: All around you are shocked still and stiff. Only to be paralyzed for even longer.

    +When picking up a survivor, all pallets in a 34/44/54 meter radius are held in place for 100 seconds. This perk has a 160 second cool down.

    •Contagion: Your abilities defy all logic and reasoning to spread amongst the clueless prey.

    +Hex: Any status effect by you given to a survivor will spread to those who eligible (ie: an injured survivor infecting another injuries survivor with the broken status effect or madness spreading from survivor to survivor without additional shocks.). The effect will persist until the associated hex totem remains.

    •Festered: Wounds and ailments left untreated leave nasty scars and grow more critical.

    +When a survivor remains injured longer than 80/70/60 seconds, they will receive the mangled status effect and the (6%) hindered status effect until healed. If a survivor is inflicted with a tier base status effect, the effect will progress, whether or not it does so normally; at a (25% faster) moderate rate (30 seconds per tier If it does not normally).

  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,533

    Killer: Corrupt Opening

    Breaking a Pallet or Breakable Wall calls upon The Entity to block all Vaults within 16m for 8/12/16s.

  • MichealMicheal Member Posts: 37

    A perk call: shut up.

    Any survivor that is yelling from the doctors ability in the final stages stage you can press the activate button on front of them punch them in the face and they lose there insanity and are in the injured state.

  • AlcothAlcoth Member Posts: 1

    Perk Name: Jump

    Text: All that time into parkour gave you the ability to perform moves beyond the abilities of most people. Press the active action button to jump while you're running. Causes exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.

    Flavor text: -"Hey guys, check this out"

    It's intended to jump over ground holes, not windows.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 253

    •Vengeance: The lost fills you with hate and sorrow.

    +When a survivor is hooked or killed in any fashion, you gain a token. For each token, increase healing, repairing, sabotaging, opening chests, opening exit gates, interacting with killer belongings, and cleansing speed by 15%. At 6/5/4 tokens, gain an additional 20% increase to ALL action speeds.

    •Remembrance: All you do will be known.

    +When cleansing, sabotaging, and interacting with killer belongings, your progress made is kept for all survivors.

    •Watcher: You can and understand more than the common person.

    The killer’s red stain is (50%) considerably brighter. To you, the killer’s red stain is (+15/17.5/20%) slightly/moderately/considerably larger. When a killer is undetectable or in stealth, you can faintly see their red stain.

  • AspektAspekt Member Posts: 16

    Why not both? Ground holes aren't always guaranteed love the idea though

  • RubyinsomniacRubyinsomniac Member Posts: 20

    [Malice] When you hook a survivor they get broken for 40/50/60 seconds.

    "Your reminded by the Entity what you are now."

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