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Community Challenge, be creative - Design your own Perk



  • AnAussieAnAussie Member Posts: 5

    Just some Misc. Perk Ideas I had

    Killer Perks

    Scourge Hook: Where Are You Going: You won't let your senpais escape.

    At the start of the trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks. The auras of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

    If a survivor is unhooked or unhooks themselves from a Scourge Hook, their Aura is revealed to you for 8/11/14 seconds.

    Threat of Death: If they fall out of line, they are to be executed immediately.

    Whenever you're stunned by a survivor, the survivor become exposed for 35/40/45 seconds. Threat of Death has a cooldown of 80 seconds.

    Survivor Perks

    Obsessive Pervert: You look out for your friends cause you care for them and have lewd thoughts about them

    If you are not the Obsession, then you can see the Obsession’s aura when within 40 meters of them, and you can see the Killer’s aura when they’re within 6/8/10 meters of the Obsession. This perk deactivates when you become the Obsession. Reduces the chance of becoming the Obsession.

    Bittersweet Ending: After creating so many stories, you know that not everyone will make it out alive.

    Whenever a survivor other than you is sacrificed or killed, all survivors leave no scratch marks for 16/20/24 seconds.

    Multiple instances of Bittersweet Ending do not stack.

  • RakNieborakYTRakNieborakYT Member Posts: 171

    I have three whole chapter here, well, the most important things


  • VulgunVulgun Member Posts: 439


    The power of your brutal strikes against environmental objects knows no bounds.

    Destroying a dropped Pallet or Breakable Wall by any means within 4/5/6 meters of a Survivor will deal 1 Health State of damage to them.

    Shatter has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

  • WiffleBizkitWiffleBizkit Member Posts: 3

    Power In Numbers :

    When sticking together is all you have, you try to gain from it. is When any survivors are within 16 meters of you gain a 7/8/9% haste status effect for each survivor within range. This effect persist for 15 seconds.

    Helping Hand :

    You try to always help those in need. Gain a 15% increase to healing and unhooking. While healing yourself or an other survivor see all remaining survivors aura during the action and 8/9/10 seconds afterwards.

    “Come on we are a team, we got this!” - Gavin The Lost Tapes

    “Hey it’s gonna be alright. ######### he tore you up pretty good, don’t worry you’re in good hands.” - Alexa The Lost Tapes

  • HEXSLAYER999HEXSLAYER999 Member Posts: 134

    this will probably help new survivors.

    perk: messages from the archives:

    once at the start of each match one of the killers perks is revealed to the the survivor using this perk. Tier 1 reveals the icon, tier 2 icon and name, tier 3 icon name and summarized description; example of summarized description hex ruin: all generators will continuously regress until this hexed totem is cleansed.

    there is a priority system

    with a hex perk having more priority to be revealed then scourge hook perk; and a courage hook perk having more priority then a regular perk.

    and within each category there is another priority system with haunted ground having most priority (because it’s a trap) and undying having less/no priority because it’s a supportive hex.

    it gives new survivors a little more intel for 1) perk.

    if it’s a hex perk, they know a totem needs to be cleansed

    scourge hook perk; avoided or saboed

    Regular perks countered. Ex: if killer does not have any hex or scourge hook perks but has bbq; small description: killer will see your aura after every hook.

  • BigBayBubbaBigBayBubba Member Posts: 37

    Killer perks:

    Stay down: survivors who are in the dying state recover 50/75/100 % slower that normal

    Revenge is sweet: you become obssesed with a survivor.

    Whenever the obssesion is unhooked or kobe, Revenge is sweet activate for 60/70/80 seconds.

    While activated, you gain 100% bonus speed for breaking, damaging, vaulting, searching, picking up and droping

    this speed bonus does not stack with other perks or addons with similar effects

    whenever a survivor receives a protection hit, they become the new obssesion

    Survivor perks:

    I will not die : for each generator completed, gain 6/8/10 % bonus speed for healing yourself, crawling, recovering and wiglling

    if your the obssesion, you can fully recover from the dying state

    ??? : after stunning or blinding the killer by anymeans your scrath marks, blood pools and grunts of pain are hiding for 8/10/12 seconds

  • Rumple92Rumple92 Member Posts: 2

    I came up with a killer idea “The Yeti” but here’s his perks I made for him

  • StridorStridor Member Posts: 24
    edited October 2021

    So I was excited to see some of my other suggestions from over a year ago being implemented in game as fun new functions in game. So I figured, why not give out some more ideas to the Devs! I like to think I have a similar mindset to the Devs when making perks, so let's see!

    A Year’s Worth of Perks II


    1.) Breaking Focus

    When interrupted during any action, the nearest hook automatically becomes sabotaged and will respawn after XX amount of seconds.


    Shifting Focus

    When interrupted during any action, your wiggle meter will automatically fill XX%.

    2.) Boon: Third Eye

    When a killer is XX meters away from a boon totem, their aura is revealed to you.

    3.) Sanguine Bond

    While healing or being healed, the location of any survivors  involved in the healing will have their aura revealed to all other survivors while the healing action is taking place as well as XX seconds after the action is complete.

    4.) Spare Tools

    Searches through Chests are XX% faster and the noises they cause along with their hearing distances are reduced by X metres. Toolshed guarantees an Engineer’s Toolbox  on your first completed Chest search. If paired with Pharmacy, Pharmacy will activate upon searching the first box and Tool Shed will activate for the second Chest. Using Appraisal on any opened chest will not activate Tool Shed.

    5.) Boon: Kicking & Screaming

    Whenever you are downed, all hooks within xx meters of a boon totem become sabotaged and your wiggle speed is increased by XX%. 

    6.) Boon: Soothing Presence

    When a survivor enters XX meters of a boon totem, recover from negative status effects faster by XX%.

    7.) Headstrong

    You start the trial with X tokens, each time you are challenged with a skill check while outside of the Killer’s terror radius, a token is spent on a Failed Skill Check to a Good Skill Check, a Good check to a Great check, and doubles the progression bonus of a Great Skill Check. Once the tokens are depleted, the perk deactivates.

    8.) Just a Little Further

    Once the Hatch has been opened, you gain the haste status effect and the sound of the hatch is increased by XX%  for XX seconds.

    9.) Exchanging Power

    Once per match a survivor may take a fuse item out of a generator,fully regressing the generator. They can then install the fuse in any generator, providing XX% of the stored power inside of the fuse. The power inside the fuse quickly deteriorates over time, so the longer you hold onto it, the less energy you can transfer.

    10.) You and Me, Pal

    You see the auras of the last couple of survivors you’ve completed a generator with after working together for more than XX seconds. The effects are lost if either party is put into the dying state.

    11.) Reinforced Barrier

    Every XX seconds you are standing within the Killer's Terror Radius without being chased, Reinforced Wood gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of X Tokens. You may spend these tokens on downed pallets and breakable walls, taking XX seconds to give them the reinforced status effect. The killer’s first attempt to destroy the reinforced pallet or wall will instead result in a stun, then on the second attempt the wall or pallet will break normally. If the killer does not kick the pallet or wall after XX seconds, the reinforced effect goes away and the token is simply wasted. The Reinforced Pallet or Wall's aura will be shown to all survivors.

    12.) Better Me Than You

    Better Me Than You increases your chance of becoming the obsession.

    If you are put into the dying state as a result of a protection hit, Better Me Than You activates. If the killer hooks you within XX seconds, you will be met with a difficult skill check. Succeeding will cause your hook progression to pause for XX seconds.


    1.) Overruled

    The killer starts the trial with x amount of tokens, a killer can spend a token to block off any totem from being worked on for xx seconds. Once all tokens are used, the perk deactivates.

    2.) Consequences

    When a survivor sabotages a hook, the killer will become undetectable, with the terror radius being transferred to the sabotaging survivor for xx seconds.

    3.) One Man's Trash

    Picking up an item will cause the exposed status effect for XX seconds. Any survivor who picks up an item empty of charges, will begin screaming every XX seconds as long as they hold the empty item.

    4.) Run, Don't Hide

    While within a Killer's terror radius, survivors will give off a loud noise notification when medium or slow vaulting, Hide & Seek has a cool down of XX seconds.

    5.) The End is Neigh

    Once all generators are powered, the amount of time it takes for a survivor to be sacrificed on hook is decreased by x%, escape attempts are increased by x%, and penalty to failing to escape is increased by x%.

    6.) Scourge Hook: Seeds of Distrust

    When a survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, all survivors performing cooperative actions reveal their locations. When the survivor is unhooked, all survivors performing the repair action reveal their location and become exposed for XX seconds.

    7.) Scourge Hook: Imprisonment

    After a survivor rescues a fellow survivor off of a scourge hook, each window and pallet they vault over will become blocked for XX seconds or until any survivor takes damage.

    8.) Splintered Pallet

    After you are stunned by a Pallet, the pallet receives the Splintered status effect. When a survivor vaults over the pallet, they will become hindered and oblivious status effect for XX seconds. The killer is notified whenever any player interacts with a Splintered Pallet (Slow, medium, or fast vault). A Splintered Pallet appears as a normal pallet with Entity tendrils covering it to show all players it is Splintered. 

    9.) Aggravation

    Each time a survivor escapes your grasp, you gain a token. For each token, all stun and blind times are decreased by XX% and kicked generators have an increased regression rate of XX% 

    10.) Vultures

    Failing any skill check will cause a stillness crow to appear over the survivor's head, circling it and crowing loudly for XX seconds. This is stackable up to 3 crows.



    Upon healing a survivor for 1 health state, all survivors involved in the heal create an Unholy Bond. This would retroactively make Deathbound an Unholy Bond perk.

    11.) Unholy Bond: Autophobia

    When an Unholy Bound survivor is hit with a basic attack, their bound survivor will suffer from a Deep Wound with a short timer of X seconds. Upon mending they will return to their previous health state.

    12.) Unholy Bond: Locked in Terror

    When an Unholy Bound survivor is hooked, their bound survivor will be unable to save their bound partner for xx seconds.

  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 1,361
    edited October 2021

    Here’s my super convoluted perks:

    Hex: Unaging (Killer)

    “Your impossible familiarity with the various trial grounds has manifested within a Hex, making the trial appear as if nothing ever happened.”

    Whilst Hex: Unaging stands, the following occurs:

    All broken Pallets and Breakable Walls appear as Fake Pallets and Fake Breakable Walls after 25 seconds of being broken;

    Thrown Pallets appear as if standing upright after 25 seconds of not being interacted with;

    Broken Hooks appear as functional hooks, 25 seconds after being broken;

    Chests appear closed 25 seconds after not being interacted with;

    Generator progress cannot be perceived by Survivors after said Generator has not being interacted with for 25 seconds. Fully repaired Generators are unaffected;

    Newly appeared Hex and Boon Totems appear as Dull Totems after 25 seconds of turning into a Hex or Boon Totem;

    Cleansed Totems appear as if still standing after 25 seconds of being cleansed;

    Any item’s depletion cannot be seen, and will always appear as full.

    • Fake Pallets and Fake Breakable Walls appear as regular Pallets and Breakable Walls, but can be passed through by all players. To you, Fake objects have their aura revealed in white when chasing a survivor within 16 meters of them.
    • Additionally, the aura of any Survivor that passes through a Fake Pallet or Fake Breakable Wall is revealed to you for 4/6/8 seconds.

    All other affected objects appear as normal if a Survivor is within 3 meters of them.

    Morbid Curiosity (Survivor)

    “You’ve been exposed to the terrors of the fog in so many ways, the shock you know you should feel has become an almost perverse fascination.”

    Morbid Curiosity gains a token in the following ways (only one token can be gained for each method):

    Completing an action within 6 meters of any Killer belonging;

    Cleansing a Dull Totem;

    Cleansing a Hex Totem;

    Sabotaging a Hook;

    Spending 20 uninterrupted seconds in the basement;

    Opening the basement’s chest;

    Remaining in the Killer’s outer Terror Radius without being chased for 15 uninterrupted seconds;

    Remaining in the Killer’s middle Terror Radius without being chased for 10 uninterrupted seconds;

    Remaining in the Killer’s inner Terror Radius without being chased for 5 uninterrupted seconds;

    Remaining within 2 meters of the Killer without being chased for 2 uninterrupted seconds;

    Looking directly at the killer within 16 meters of them without interacting with them, for 10 uninterrupted seconds;

    Stunning the Killer;

    Escaping the Killer’s grasp;

    Closely dodging a Killer’s attack;

    Being unhooked;

    Unhooking yourself;

    Unhooking another Survivor

    • Each token reveals the aura of a random non-player, non-held item, non killer-specific object, as well as the aura of anyone interacting with the associated object for as long as they interact with it, and for 2/3,5/5 seconds after, wherever it is.
    • If the object loses its aura, or its aura is revealed by another method, another item is revealed instead, removing the permanent reveal (unless it’s the only object not revealed already.)

    “Once you become desentisised to it all, you’ll notice the patterns.”

  • thelegion_fanthelegion_fan Member Posts: 49

    Is that a undertale reference? Also i think this was seem by devs becuase one of nemises perks is this but little different

  • WolfyLegend123WolfyLegend123 Member Posts: 32
    edited October 2021


    Sacrifice / Worthy Sacrifice / Take me, not them!:

    Your selflessness makes your friends' life more important than yours. You unhook survivors 5%/10%/15% faster. After unhooking a survivor, Sacrifice activates, and the next time you get hooked, you can last 30%/60%/90% more time on the hook, and your friends are granted a 3%/5%/7% healing speed. After you are unhooked, you become healthy. And all effects will vanish. With a 180 seconds.

    Killer perk:

    Hook obsessed:

    You want to hook someone as soon as possible. For your first hook, the survivor last 10% less on the hook, and once saved, gain broken and oblivious status effect for 30/60/90 seconds, and gain a 5%/6%/7% speed boost for the rest of the trial

  • Underwear_ModelUnderwear_Model Member Posts: 40

    I have a few that I like from my killer concepts. Candyman, Happy Death Day, The Craft, and Pennywise

    Candyman - Sweets to the Sweet:

    "There will be no rest for the wicked."

    For every 40/35/30 seconds that a survivor is not involved in a chase or objective task (healing, generator repairs, unhooking, cleansing, blessing, or opening gates), 1 second will be added to the time required to escape the trial (maximum 10 seconds). This affects the time to exit the trial, not to the time to open the exit gates.

    Happy Death Day - Sweet Treat:

    "Always have a backup plan."

    Each time you hook a survivor all totems are protected by the entity from being cleansed or blessed for 30/45/60 seconds.

    The Craft - Hex: Illusionist

    "Then why are you still bleeding?"

    While the hex is active, all broken breakable doors and broken pallets appear as unbroken. Dropped and broken pallets will appear as un-dropped only. Illusionary broken doors will be able to be passed through by the killer or survivors. Survivors who are within 4 meters of the illusions will leave blood trails even if healthy for 10/12/14 seconds.


  • DarkbeastPaarlDarkbeastPaarl Member Posts: 39

    These Perks are from a Killer concept I came up with a while back, called The Skinwalker. They are.

    Scent of Blood.

    After hitting a Survivor, unlocks the potential in one's Aura reading ability.

    After hitting a Survivor with a Basic or Special Attack, Scent of Blood gains a Token, up to a maximum of 4/5/6, and the Aura of all Injured Survivors is revealed to you in a 12 Meter Radius

    Scent of Blood also gives Bonus Bloodpoints up to a maximum of 100/125/150%.

    Bonus Bloodpoints are only awarded post trial.

    Hex: Oblivion.

    A Hex that plays on the minds of Survivors.

    After cleansing a Dull or Hex Totem, Hex: Oblivion activates, inflicting the Survivor with the Blindness and Oblivious Status effects until Hex: Oblivion is destroyed.

    Fervent Hunter.

    The first few moments are crucial to a hunt.

    At the start of a Trial, Fervent Hunter activates, giving the Killer the Undetectable Status Effect for 8/9/10 seconds. After the time has expired, Fervent Hunter deactivates for the rest of the Trial.

  • HEXSLAYER999HEXSLAYER999 Member Posts: 134
    edited October 2021

    A survivor that is a healer.

    Dorian Moore Christ.

    survivor that is a massage therapist whom traveled the world to study the healing arts. Throughout his travels learns energy healing, holistic massage practices, and life sciences like aryuveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

    American (from Florida) with Cuban descent). Has freckles. A beauty mark near right chin, and right temple near outer edge of right eye brow. Has a penciled style mustache and a neatly styled chin strap beard.

    all cosmetic styles are similar with leather jackets, jeans, different hair styles with high fade cuts on the side. Occasional pierced ears or fedora hat or both for head pieces. Cosmetic set styles and named after crystals (ex laboradite, amythyst, moonstone, carnelian, etc.

    perks: Namaste/blessings

    5%/10%/15% faster blessing speed. Once per trial after blessing a hex totem. The first boon totem to be snuffed by killer will bless on another totem in the map (kind of like hex undying)

    “Karma is the real deal; everything has a consequence” -Dorian Christ

    acupressure (anti tunneling/camping perk): after unhooking a survivor within 15/20/25 meters within the killers radius you grant the unhooked survivor 55 seconds of time in which the survivor leaves no scratch marks, trails of blood, or grunts of pain, and you are granted endurance for 15/30/45 seconds.

    ”see this one spot? You’d be surprised what this one pressure point can do”-Dorian Christ

    Boon: Energy Healing/high vibrations.

    when with in the radius of a boon totem, recover from status effects (hindered, exhausted, madness, sickness, torment, marked, etc.) after 100/90/80 seconds.

    “Relax, I swear this isn’t witchcraft...”-Dorian Christ

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  • munchermuncher Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    My ones are short for so you don't have to read as much.

    Steady Hands: is a perk from a surgeon that is used to seeing injury, so he is able to unhook a survivor without a trigger sound to alert the killer.

    Tactile: is from a soldier that had to watch his every step in battle, meaning that your scratch marks are dimmer by a max of 50% (maybe footsteps are quieter too)

    Killer ones are short too.

    Anonymous Confession: is from a Knight in medieval England. Once put in the dying state, the survivors icon on the left is covered black for the rest of the match so others won't know what state they are in unless they are hooked, and their screams are reduced. Their downed aura doesn't show but pulses every (max) 9 seconds.

    Got You: a perk from an unknown killer :/ that can break an undropped pallet. I ain't sure, but this can be from breaking a max of 6 pallets and then gaining the ability, or have it be on a timer for 180 seconds such as Any Means Necessary but from the beginning of the match.

  • DarkbeastPaarlDarkbeastPaarl Member Posts: 39

    Survivor Perk.


    You're as good at getting yourself into places you shouldn't be, as well as getting out.

    Unlocks the ability to unlock the Hatch, even without a key. Doing causes several difficult Skillchecks to appear. Failing these Skillchecks causes a loud noise notification. If you are in possession of a key, Locksmith prevents its loss when using it to open the Hatch, and increases key efficiency by 20/40/60%.

    Killer Perk.

    Memento Mori.

    The Sacrificial Hooks are just one instrument of death in the Entity's Realm. There are others.

    After a Survivor has been hooked twice, Memento Mori activates. After the Killer puts a Survivor in the Dying State, you can kill that Survivor by your own hand.

    Memento Mori has a cooldown of 110/100/90 seconds.

  • Sushi_and_SaxSushi_and_Sax Member Posts: 3

    These are some perks that I designed for my Skinwalker killer concept:


    1. Unwilling Assistant - The entity invades their minds and betrays their allies to you. When unhooked, a survivor will reveal all surrounding survivors within 16m to dark sense for 6/9/12 seconds. --OR-- When a survivor is hooked, they become the obsession until another survivor is hooked. While the obsession, the survivor will reveal any survivors that are completing tasks within 8/10/12 meters around them via dark sense. (These actions include: healing, repairing generators, cleansing totems, and opening gates.) The assistant is not revealed to the killer in this manner.
    2. Territorial Claim - You detest meddling in your domain. You will squash their hopes and reclaim your land. You will receive a visual cue when entering a boon's radius (much like a survivor) and will reveal boons within 8/12/16 meters around you.
    3. Hex: Nature's Resistance - The land holds allegiance to the entity. It will fight for you. The 3 closest generators to the totem will be affected by this hex. Every other skill check made while repairing will be a difficult skill check with only a great success meter. If this skill check is missed, the generator will regress and be tied down by vines from the land, making it unworkable for 30/45/60 seconds.
  • The_GeekThe_Geek Member Posts: 12
    edited October 2021

    Set the Stage: The killer is able to pull up a pallet themself, but cannot destroy it for a certain amount of time.

    Sorry if something similar already exists.

  • DarkbeastPaarlDarkbeastPaarl Member Posts: 39


    I have a Skinwalker concept of my own, as well. I read yours, it was interesting.

  • DarkbeastPaarlDarkbeastPaarl Member Posts: 39

    Though, the power makes him more of a Changeling. In folklore, Skinwalkers believe that wearing the pelts of animals gave them that animal's traits. They're more like lycanthropes.

  • Not_Social_JokerNot_Social_Joker Member Posts: 44

    Survivor Perk


    "Your repeated experiencing of trials has lead to making certain discoveries as to killers tactics, as well as a noisy way to exploit them."

    To put it shortly, it's similar to Leon's flashbang as to how it works, except for the fact that it's a noise maker. This, like the flashbang, is collected from lockers, but can be thrown a small distance. Once thrown, it has a timer of ~3 seconds until it goes off, triggering a notification for the killer. But, something to note is that the noise maker makes, well, noise. Something ranging from a grinding to a screeching noise. Meaning that if anyone, including the killer, is close enough (~20?), they can hear the noise. The means that, if a killer is close enough, (and also uses common sense) they can discern that the notification is nothing but a distraction.

    Can't completely think of a lot of scenarios this would be good for, but it's be a fun one to mess with, since it would basically punish killers for being too curious, meanwhile also somewhat punishing survivors who are a tad bit cocky and mess it up.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,633

    There are so many here, so my apologies if this has been done before, but I've had an idea about a killer perk that may also solve a specific issue:

    Perk: Death Alley

    Description: Escape is not so clear. Whenever the gates are opened, if the survivors are within the gates and a killer does a basic attack, it results in an instant down and Mori combined.

  • galanonim25galanonim25 Member Posts: 79

    I created some ideas but if I had to pick one then I would choose this:

    Oil extraction:

    After repairing full one generator this perk activates. Enter a Locker while empty-handed and press the Ability button to craft a bottle of oil. The bottle of oil can be dropped ( like flashbang ), it is always dropped behind the survivor and when dropped leaves a puddle of oil. The bottle of oil cant be dropped during the chase. This puddle gives everybody that comes to contact with it a hindered status effect ( that gives -10% movements speed ) for 6 seconds. The puddle lasts for 10/15/20 seconds and disappears when the killer steps on it. ( In the case where survivor would run flashbang with this perk and both are activated it would be a problem, so I'm thinking that the perk most to the left should be activated first ). Note: the puddle of oil would be big enough to cover an entrance to a door but it shouldn't cover for example a corridor from wall to wall, it should give the killer ability to avoid it in many cases. Edit: ( Bottle of oil cant be dropped during chase because I think it would be too easy for the survivor to slow the killer, and thus this perk could be easily abused. So I was thinking that the survivors should plan ahead use of this item. I'm thinking about increasing puddle time to 25 seconds but the reason why I'm not sure of this decision is the idea that it would last too long).

  • starcreator101starcreator101 Member Posts: 5

    The abyss stares back

    Anytime your aura is revealed to a survivor they scream and are exposed for 30 seconds while having their aura revealed for 1/2/3 seconds

    And survivor withing your terror radius for the next 60/70/80 seconds have their auras revealed too for 1/2/3 seconds

  • AstroLive8333AstroLive8333 Member Posts: 118

    my perk allows me to instantly finish a cooldown.

    Hurry Up! is a teachable perk from Astroboy that allows you to instantly finish a cooldown but lets the killer see your aura for 45/30/15 seconds and gives the killer a loud sound notification at your location. Hurry Up! cannot be used if you're in the dying state or if you have the deep wound status effect. Pushing the Action Trigger (or Secondary Action Trigger if you have another perk that has the action trigger) in a locker allows for you to switch modes. Hurry Up! in the second form allows you to finish any progress bar instantly, revealing your aura to the killer for 60/30/15 seconds and gives the killer a quiet sound notification at your location.

    Hurry Up! is teachable at Astroboy level 45

  • AstroLive8333AstroLive8333 Member Posts: 118

    Just the second one is too overpowered. I think that the killer shouldn't see the aura but get a notification every time they enter it.

  • AstroLive8333AstroLive8333 Member Posts: 118

    holy sh!t!!! that is so good!!! I would pay for the devs to add this

  • AstroLive8333AstroLive8333 Member Posts: 118

    block their picture for 256/128/64 seconds not the entire game

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,633

    Only if survivors want to waste time hanging around, rather than making an escape.

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